The Rush: Warriors strip Mavs of their mojo in Game 1 of WCF

In Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, the Golden State Warriors roasted the Mavericks 112-87 in a total team effort, the U.S. Women’s National Team has finally achieved compensation equal to the men’s team thanks to new collective bargaining agreements in soccer and a historic moment in sports takes a painful turn with the pop of a cork in Italy.

Video Transcript

- Plainly and gets a back for a triple. Oh, he hit it again.

- The Warriors danced their way to victory over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Of course, Steph Curry was out there doing the most.

- Defense the bump. Got it. Fouled.

- And guys like Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole were making moves all over the Mavericks. Hell, seven of the eight guys who played for Golden State scored double figures.

- How embarrassing.

- see I think the Mavs used up all their baskets when they laid that ass whooping on the Suns in Game 7. Against the Warriors, Dallas didn't have no gas in the tank. Hey, good luck being able to afford to fill up in California.

- Oh, OK. I see what you did there.

- Mazel tov to the US Women's National soccer team who finally achieved some goddamn equality yesterday. For the first time in history, both the men's and women's players unions have agreed to matching contracts in their respective bargaining agreements. Travel and accommodations, playing service, child care, game checks and bonus checks will all be equal, regardless of gender. One reason why it's baffling that achieving equality took so long in this case, is that the Women's National Team has been more successful than the men's for like the last 30 years. And by that, I mean, the women have won four world cups in four Olympic golds. And the men haven't won [BLEEP]. They didn't even qualify for the last World Cup or Olympics. The new CBA includes revenue sharing, and lucky for the guys, they're about to get rich off the popularity of the ladies who crush it with TV, tickets, and merch sales.

- So it's a win-win.

- History was made yesterday in the world of international cycling.

- Wait, are you serious?

- Yes, Chrissy Metz. And damn, the finale of This Is US destroyed me. OK, now back to biking.

- Biniam Girmay. Mathieu Poel has it for the moment, has to keep it going. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE]

- That's my man Biniam Girmay from Eritrea becoming the first Black man from Africa to win a stage of the Giro d'Italia which is the tour of Italy race. So you know they have to pop some bottles and celebrate, right? Oh, my God. Yo, my man just got popped in the eye with a frickin' cork. No way. Biniam legit hurt his eye, requiring a trip to the hospital and withdrawing from the next stage of the race.

- It ain't fair man.

- Sure ain't. But this smells like a conspiracy to me. Things like champagne races nowadays. You can't just pop it with somebody that win a championship. He made history. He was the Jackie Robinson of the Giro d'Italia. You got to protect it. He need to do eye patches at all times.