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The Rush: Warriors dynasty wins fourth title, Steph Curry cooks up first Finals MVP

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The Golden State Warriors won their fourth NBA Championship in the last eight seasons, Sue Bird announces that her 20th WNBA season will be her last, FIFA reveals the North American host cities for the 2026 World Cup and Tyreek Hill makes some surprising (and factually incorrect) comments about his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Plus, Steph Curry adds the missing piece to his trophy collection.

Video Transcript

- Curry with his dad, the emotion just pouring out. It might be his fourth, but it means so much. All the sacrifice, all the work.

JARED QUAY: The Golden State Warriors are once again your NBA champions.

- I knew it was a possibility. To see it in real time, holy cannoli. This is crazy.

JARED QUAY: The Celtics put up a fight at home in game 6, but it wasn't enough to overcome an historic 21-0 run by the Warriors, the longest first half running the finals in 50 years.

- Draymond Green pushing. Six assists for Green. Curry, a long 3. It's good. Steph Curry from way downtown. Some Curry chaos here in the third.

JARED QUAY: Steph Curry got cocky and pulled a Yoncé. This is Steph and the Warriors' fourth ring in the last eight seasons, and considering what they've been through-- losing the first game of this series at home, plus losing Kevin Durant to Brooklyn and Klay Thompson to injury for two seasons--

- Thank you for your resilience.

JARED QUAY: Mike Breen called it like he saw it. The game was straight Curry chaos, and Steph the chef was rewarded with his first ever NBA Finals MVP award. There you go. Now you can put them in the GOAT conversation. Steph wasn't the only MVP in the news yesterday. After 20 years in the WNBA, hoops legend Sue Bird is retiring from pro basketball.


Bird made the announcement on Twitter yesterday with the hashtag #TheFinalYear. Sue is 41 years old and one of the best to ever do it. Just look at her resume on Wikipedia. The list of accomplishments is so long, you got to scroll through it. You can't just see it on one page. Two NCAA titles, four WNBA championships, four world championships, and five Olympic gold medals.

- It's exhausting.

JARED QUAY: And Sue's about to stay tired because she's got to play the rest of this season with the Storm and shoot for their fifth championship. You know you got to leave on a winning note.

- This is the way.

JARED QUAY: Even when Sue hangs them up, the city of Seattle still has plenty to look forward to. FIFA announced the host cities for the 2026 Men's World Cup, which will take place all over North America. The games will be played in three Mexican cities, two Canadian cities, and the good old US of A has 11 host cities for the beautiful game.

- America, [BLEEP] yeah!

JARED QUAY: Kind of crazy that our nation's capital wasn't selected, right?


Believe it or not, that's not why DC didn't make the cut. The culprit was reportedly concerns over notoriously crappy playing surface at FedEx Field, home of the Washington Commanders. Is there anything Dan Snyder can't ruin? Jeez. On a happier note, check out Kansas City's reaction to learning that they're one of the host cities.

- Kansas--


JARED QUAY: And that's what I like to see-- happy people. That must have been before they found out about Tyreek Hill dissing the Chiefs. On Tyreek Hill's new podcast, the former Chiefs receiver said the team didn't use him enough last season and that his new quarterback in Miami, Tua Tagovailoa, is more accurate than Patrick Mahomes.

- Maybe he's on drugs.

JARED QUAY: He's on something because that's a load of bull-- [BLEEP]. Hill thinks he was underused last season? Hill led KC with a career high 111 catches in 2021. And as for Tua being more accurate, that ain't what the numbers say, brother. My dude is allergic to facts, and he's a lot of drama.

The best receivers always are, but, man, dude was treated great Kansas City. Won a Super Bowl. And this is how he treats his former team? I hate to say it-- if I was Miami, I would hope we don't have a losing season. It's going to be a hurricane of insults in Miami if Tyreek Hill don't have at least 150 catches. So Tua, tough luck, brother. Godspeed you throw that spiral tight.