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The Rush: Usher meets doppelganger & Ja Morant hits game-winner over T-Wolves

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Game 5 between the Timberwolves and Grizzlies was one wacky affair with Usher meeting his doppelganger, Desmond Bane shoving a head coach, and Ja Morant hitting a game-winner to avoid overtime. The Heat eliminated the Hawks, despite missing both Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry. And Mikal Bridges led the Suns to a Game 5 win over the Pelicans. PLUS: A leaked letter from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to Yankees GM Brian Cashman has raised some questions.

Video Transcript

- Lead in this opening round series. Morant. Oh! A jawbreaker!



JARED QUAY: You know you're in for kind of a wacky game when Usher shows up to meet his doppelganger, a.k.a. Ja Morant's father.


- Jim, are you--

- Yeah?

- Are you seeing double?

- Ah-- they-- OK.


JARED QUAY: And Desmond Bane gets a technical for shoving the Timberwolves' head coach.

- Op, op, op!


- Wow.

JARED QUAY: The craziest part of the game, though, was the ending, obviously. Timberwolves young stud Anthony Edwards tied the game with three seconds left on a 3-pointer.

- --in for Towns. Back from McLaughlin. The bounce to the outside. The jumper scored! It's Edwards! Big-time delivery!

JARED QUAY: But Ja Morant was like, uh-uh, we ain't going overtime. It's a school night.

- Brooks toss it. Morant drives. Morant! Oh! It's scored! One second left, Ja Morant with the bucket!

JARED QUAY: The Grizzlies are now up 3 to 2. And I will say Morant has lived up to every inch of that most improved player trophy.

- Every inch.

JARED QUAY: The Suns may be missing Devin Booker. But there's a reason they have the best record in the league this year, and they showed exactly why in game five against the Pelicans.


- Pints Bridges-- give him some more to the cup!

- Mikal Bridges!

JARED QUAY: The Pelicans are plucky, no doubt. But up 3-2, you've gotta think the Suns got this one right.

- Famous last words?

JARED QUAY: The Miami Heat burned up the Atlanta Hawks, 97-94, in game five.

- Come in!

JARED QUAY: And they did it without Jimmy Butler, who missed the game because of inflammation in his right knee, and Kyle Lowry with a hamstring injury. The pair did look like they were having fun on the sideline, though. Major props to the Heat, who await the winner of the Sixers-Raptors series.

There's a lot of cheating in baseball, and it seems the league is less than transparent on some of those scandals.

- Surprise, mother-[BLEEP].

JARED QUAY: A letter sent by Commissioner Robert Manfred to Yankees GM Brian Cashman detailing the results of the 2017 investigation into cheating allegation was leaked to the public.

- He sent me a letter.

JARED QUAY: In that letter, it revealed the Yankees used their dugout phone to relay pitching signals. And the league conveniently didn't reveal that information to the public.

- A-woo.

JARED QUAY: The cheating itself isn't surprising. Just look at how many teams have been caught-- the Red Sox and the Astros, just to name a couple. It's the league keeping it from the public that's so--

- Fishy.

JARED QUAY: Why is there so much cheating in baseball? It's because the game is so boring these guys need to keep themselves busy. At this point, you can bet on how they're gonna cheat. You can bet on the money line. You can bet on the run line, the first five, and how which team is cheating.

I think the Oakland As are cheating. I'm getting them, plus 500. I mean, they got smaller bankroll; they gotta be cheating. But then again, they never win a championship, so maybe they ain't cheating good enough.