The Rush: Why Urban Meyer’s suspension is total BS

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Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer received a three-game suspension for his role in doing absolutely nothing when one of his assistant coaches, Zach Smith, was allegedly committing acts of domestic abuse against his wife. Which three games will the Buckeyes be without their guru on the sidelines? Three teams that Ohio St. will smoke, with or without Meyer.  Way to send a message, OSU!

Speaking of giving folks the finger… multiple MLB players have been cursed by freak injuries to their fingers.  Check out the video to see how Aaron Sanchez and Justin Upton found themselves on the DL thanks to dinged digits.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will be seeing big numbers soon as the pair will face off on the golf course, thanks to a deal they struck with Pay-Per-View.  You can see the two, way past their prime, in a one-on-one duel on Thanksgiving day.  You’ll leave the contest bloated, sleepy and short one hundred bucks while the winning golfer brings home NINE MILLION DOLLARS. Sounds like a plan!

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