The Rush: Tom Brady violates quarantine and NFL hopeful Antoine Brooks names “GOAT”

Maryland safety and NFL draft prospect Antoine Brooks Jr. Skypes in from a socially responsible distance to chat with Jared about his Draft weekend plans, which current NFL players show him love, who he thinks is the NBA GOAT and Antoine reveals his impossible-to-find date of birth. PLUS, Tom Brady gets busted violating quarantine rules in Tampa and we wanted to help Antoine get ready to grab some endorsements, so we had him take a crack at one of our very own Rush products.

Video Transcript

JANE CASTOR: Our parks are closed down and so a lot of our parks staff, you know, they patrol around, and saw an individual working out in one of our downtown parks, and she went over to tell him that it was closed, and it was Tom Brady.


RICK KRISEMAN: Oh my goodness.

JANE CASTOR: Whoa, there you go.


JARED QUAY: We are only days away from the NFL draft, which is why I'm excited to be joined by former Maryland safety and soon-to-be NFL safety, Antoine Brooks Jr. Antoine, what's good with you, brother?

ANTOINE BROOKS JR.: Having a nice day during quarantine, man.

JARED QUAY: What are your plans for draft weekend?

ANTOINE BROOKS JR.: The plan is to go to auntie's house. We're going to have to Zoom my grandparents.

JARED QUAY: Joe Burrow, who is about to be drafted just like you, has been talking to Peyton Manning, who's been giving him advice about how to handle his rookie season. Who are some of the players that have been reaching out to you and what have they been saying?

ANTOINE BROOKS JR.: They're not players to me. They're mostly my big brothers. Darnell Savage, he [INAUDIBLE] me all the time. He be letting me know that he always here for me regardless of what happen.

JARED QUAY: They not players. They brothers. I'm going to use that same thing, because my brother literally plays in the league.


Before we did this interview, I was doing research. And man, I cannot find your birthday or age anywhere online, man. Why you hiding your age?

ANTOINE BROOKS JR.: Everybody thinks I'm 25 anyway. Like I [INAUDIBLE]. Look 23, 24, 25 anyway.

JARED QUAY: When's your birthday?

ANTOINE BROOKS JR.: October 28, 1998.




JARED QUAY: Dang. You wasn't even alive when Jordan's Last Dance came out, man. You didn't even--


JARED QUAY: --see Jordan win a championship.

ANTOINE BROOKS JR.: That's what I'm saying. I couldn't even see that. I was a toddler.

JARED QUAY: Who's the GOAT in basketball?

ANTOINE BROOKS JR.: I think it's Jordan. We gave-- I feel like we gave it to LeBron a little too early [INAUDIBLE]. Crazy. That's kind of nonsense we name [INAUDIBLE] king of basketball. I mean, but now, I don't have nothing to say. That man is [INAUDIBLE].

JARED QUAY: To help you practice on your endorsement skills by endorsing some of our fake "Rush" brand products. You cool with that?

ANTOINE BROOKS JR.: Yeah, I gotcha.

Hi. I'm Antoine Brooks, NFL safety, and I take safety very seriously. My job is to put people in the dirt.



And that's why after every tackle, I make sure that the receivers have "The Rush" brand insurance. That's right, you deserve the best insurance to pop your arm back in your socket.



Hey, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Antoine Brooks, and I take-- oh, shit. [LAUGHS] Gotcha. All right, I'm locked in.


See, I've been in quarantine, so I don't got my actor face on.