The Rush: Tom Brady gets a boost as Bucs sign Julio Jones

The Las Vegas Aces are the 2022 WNBA Commissioner’s Cup Champions after folding the Sky in Chicago, Tom Brady gets a boost as the Buccaneers signed receiver Julio Jones and Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh made a bizarre offer that will likely be refused by his Wolverine players. Plus, Aces players have more money to burn at Vegas casinos after winning the Commissioner’s Cup, a victory that comes with a pretty paycheck.

Video Transcript

- Shot clock off. 10 seconds for Allemand to work with here in the second quarter. Beautiful feed. Oh, better hands. Chelsea Gray ahead to Plum. 2 seconds. Can she beat the clock? Oh, Jackie Young!

JAMES QUAY: The WNBA mid-season tournament came to a close last night with the Commissioner's Cup Game, and the Las Vegas Aces star A'ja Wilson was ready.

A'JA WILSON: Man, this is a championship game right here. We've got to-- [MUTED] --start, but never lose our composure that stays within us. Let's have some fun. At the end of the day, we deserve to be here. We earned our way here. Let's kick some-- [MUTED].

JAMES QUAY: That pep talk did the trick because the Aces straight folded the reigning WNBA champion Sky in Chicago.

- One more 3 from Sky. We got it.

- High arcing shot for Gray off the mark. Offensive board. Plum, wide open, canning the 3.

JAMES QUAY: And more than pride was on the line, because the Aces players got 30 Gs each for taking the cup. And even the Sky squad walked away wealthier, going home with $10,000 apiece. Plus, your MVP Chelsea Gray got an extra $5,000 for that honor. Aces guard Kelsey Plum is having quite the week. She earned $30,000 last night.

And as a Tom Brady superfan, she must be pretty excited for the latest news to come from the Bucs camp.

- What did they do?

JAMES QUAY: Julio Jones is joining the Buccaneers' receiving arsenal according to ESPN. Now, I know at 33 years old, Julio isn't in his prime anymore. And on this squad, he probably won't be giving me 35 fantasy points a game. But I think he's got a little gas left in his tank.

Plus, the soon-to-be-45-year-old Tom Brady is going to need all the help he can get with Rob Gronkowski retiring again and Chris Godwin recovering from an ACL and MCL tear.

- And held together with spit and glue.

JAMES QUAY: And I need something to wash this taste out of my mouth. I'm still shook over AB disrobing and departing from the Bucs last season.

- Awkward.

JAMES QUAY: And as awkward as that was, I think this next story might even be more cringe-worthy.

- Oh.

JAMES QUAY: Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has not been sticking to sports lately, wading into the deep end on the abortion debate.

- Yikes.

JAMES QUAY: In a recent interview with ESPN, Harbaugh said that he and his wife would gladly raise the children of any Michigan player or team staffer who didn't feel like they could care for a child.

- Well, that is a very generous offer, but--

JAMES QUAY: That's weird as hell. Listen, Coach, you are a hell of a recruiter. But trying to raise your own recruiting class is just next level. That's the only explanation for this nonsense. Harbaugh went from sleeping over at players' houses on recruiting visits to adopting them at birth.

Look, there's no way they're gonna choose Alabama now, right? We went from NIL deals to raising children to be blue bloods for Michigan. You're recruiting five stars at birth. And I like it. It's ambitious, but at the same time, weird as hell. Get out of them kids' rooms and let them boys do their own--