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The Rush: Steph Curry to play in Game 4, LeBron wants to own an NBA Vegas team

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Stephen Curry says he’s definitely playing in Game 4 of the NBA Finals after suffering a foot injury in Game 3. LeBron James just joined the billionaire club, but he’s already making plans like wanting to own an NBA team in Las Vegas. And there were some wild rumors this offseason about Tom Brady joining the Miami Dolphins, and he didn’t exactly dispel those rumors during an interview on Thursday.

Video Transcript

- How confident are you that you can go on Friday without being limited?

STEPHEN CURRY: I'm going to play, it's all I know right now.


JARED QUAY: Warriors superstar point guard Steph Curry put any doubts about him not playing in Game 4 to bed. He appeared to hurt his ankle in the third quarter of Game 3 against the Celtics. You know when everybody was literally falling over themselves to secure a loose ball.

Now, we don't know if curry will be limited or just how healthy that foot is, but we do know that if the Warriors want any chance of evening up the series, they're probably going to need the [? chef ?] on the floor, especially with the big, bad Celtics crowd raining F-bombs down upon them, which the other splash bro, Klay Thompson, didn't appreciate.

KLAY THOMPSON: We've played in front of rude people before. Dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd, real classy. Good job, Boston.

JARED QUAY: Think about the kids. Be better Boston. Lebron James just joined the billionaires club and he's already got big plans for the future.

LEBRON JAMES: I want to own a team.

- Buy a team.

LEBRON JAMES: Yeah, I want to buy a team.



- There you go.

- Buying a team and then talking is a little tricky. If you own the team and, like--

LEBRON JAMES: Yeah, I would much rather own the team before I talk. Yeah, I want a team in Vegas.

- Good for you.

- Oh my God.

LEBRON JAMES: Yeah, I want the team in Vegas.

JARED QUAY: Damn. Can you imagine a Lebron owned team out in Las Vegas? I'm going to assume he meant Las Vegas, Nevada and not the one in New Mexico or Texas, because nobody goes there.

We can debate Lebron versus Jordan all day, but Lebron would have Michael Jordan squarely beat in terms of team location. I would take Vegas eight days a week over Charlotte, that's for damn sure. But maybe only at two weeks, because after two weeks, Vegas kind of becomes just a nightmare. The only question left is what he will name the team.

The Las Vegas Lebron's? Nah. Las Vegas GOATs? Oh, I got it, I got it.

How about the Las Vegas Recovered Hairlines? NFL poster boy Tom Brady might have been up to no good this off season. Quick recap, he retired from the Bucs then retired, like, five minutes later.

- Wow, that was fast.

JARED QUAY: Shortly after that, rumors started circulating that the GOAT had concocted a plan with the dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, where he would fake retire, join Miami's front office, then un-retire to play quarterback for the Fins.

- So down. What?

JARED QUAY: But, former head coach Brian Flores lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against Ross and the Dolphins threw a wrench into the whole scheme, so Brady just decided to come back to the Bucs.

- I have a headache.

JARED QUAY: Me too. And none of this was confirmed, by the way, but a reporter asked Brady about the Miami rumors and his answer was less than convincing in terms of clearing up any controversy. He just said he talked to a lot of people.

Brady was smart, though. He kept it vague and didn't mention specifics. Because if it was discovered that he and Ross were talking about deals while Brady was under contract with Tampa Bay, that would be a huge tampering violation.

I'll tell you what, though, we are literally witnessing Brady transform into Bill Belichick 2.0. Sorry, did I say Belichick? I mean [? Beli-cheat. ?]