The Rush: Sports and entertainment stars reveal their favorite Christmas movies

Stars from the world of sports and the silver screen reveal their favorite Christmas movies and tackle the age-old debate of whether or not “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie.

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: This Christmas I'm going to try to do it all, family, food, NBA, NFL and of course, Christmas movies because you love Christmas movies. Here's some of your favorite athletes and celebrities revealing what their favorite Christmas flicks are.

JUJU SMITH-SCHUSTER: "Home Alone", just because I've always been a fan of like if I was home alone being the only kid because I come from a big family.


LEONARD FOURNETTE: I watch "Home Alone" a lot. I say my favorite part is probably "This Christmas" for Chris Brown and them because they're singing. You know who wouldn't want Chris Breezy singing in church you know getting everything together. So I say Breezy got that one, "This Christmas" is definitely one of my favorites.

- In this Christmas, give me a very special for me.

UZO ADUBA: I'm going to have to give you a couple. I love "This Christmas", "Love Actually", "The Preacher's Wife", the Denzel, Whitney version.

KURT WARNER: We like "Elf".

- Oh son of a Nutcracker.

KURT WARNER: That's a good one when you got seven kids.

CHRIS LONG: I like "Bad Santa".

KYLE LONG: Oh, that's a great one.

- What's it like at the North Pole?

- Like the suburbs.

KYLE LONG: What the hell's up with you and sandwiches kid?

ZACHARY LEVI: "It's a Wonderful Life".

UZO ADUBA: "It's a Wonderful Life"

- Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.

KURT WARNER: "Miracle on 34th Street".

ZACHARY LEVI: I like "Scrooge" with Bill Murray. That's a fantastic Christmas movie.

- If you touch me again, I'm going to rip your [BLEEP] wings off.

ZACHARY LEVI: I know this is controversial, but "Die Hard".

CHRIS LONG: "Die Hard".

- Welcome to the party.

ZACHARY LEVI: One of my favorite.

JARED QUAY: Oh, it's not a Christmas movie.

ZACHARY LEVI: It is 100% is a Christmas movie.

CHRIS LONG: "Die Hard" Christmas movie or not?


KURT WARNER: "Die Hard" I would watch that too. Yeah, I'll buy you the best Christmas movie. It works for me.