The Rush: Scottie Scheffler wins Masters, Tiger sets sights on British Open

Scottie Scheffler won his first Major at the 2022 Masters, capping an incredible two-month run for the 25-year-old. While Tiger Woods may not have won the Masters, he’s not done with golf yet as he’s setting his sights on playing at the upcoming British Open. Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid won the NBA Scoring Title and made a bunch of history doing it. And the NBA Play-In Tournament is set with the only question being, who’s going to stop the Brooklyn Nets? PLUS: There’s something in the water at Highland Park High School in Dallas. Watch the video to find out why!

Video Transcript


- Scheffler outshines them all. [INAUDIBLE].

JARED QUAY: We'll get to your masters champion in a moment. But first, we got to talk Tiger Woods.


That's Tiger walking up to the 18th green to a standing ovation. After making the cut, he really wasn't in contention to win the Masters. But the fact that he even finished the tournament 14 months after a car crash is crazy as hell. And it doesn't seem like Tiger's quite done yet either because he got his sight set on the British Open.

TIGER WOODS: But I am looking forward to St. Andrews and so that is, you know, something that is near and dear to my heart. And I've won two Opens there at the Home of Golf. And it's my favorite golf course in the world.

JARED QUAY: I watch Tiger play in St Andrews, at his local mini golf course, or wherever he wants to play. I just want to see him golf.

- Damn straight.

JARED QUAY: Let's put Tiger to the side for a moment and congratulate your 2022 Masters champion, Scottie Scheffler.

- Who?

JARED QUAY: I'll tell you who. Scottie has been number one on the PGA world rankings for a couple of weeks. He has four career wins, all of which have come within the last two months. And now, he's won his first green jacket. Scheffler was pretty much on cruise control, winning the Masters at 10 under and beating second place McIlroy by 3 strokes. But the champ had a slight snag on the last hole where he double-bogeyed--


JARED QUAY: Poor fellow was nervous as hell thinking, how am I about to spin this 2.7 million dollar prize money? In the end, it was enough. Congrats to Scheffler, who by the way, went to Highland Park High School in Texas. If that sounds familiar, it's because Dodgers' ace, Clayton Kershaw, and Rams quarterback, Matthew Stafford, also went there. Clearly, there's something in that school's drinking water because they got three champions in three different sports over the last two years. Congrats.

- Holy moly.

JARED QUAY: Philadelphia 76ers star, Joel Embiid, has officially won the NBA's scoring title, averaging 30.6 points a game this season.

- Hooray!

JARED QUAY: And Embiid made a bunch of history while doing it. He's the first international player ever to win the award. He's the first center to win it since Shaquille O'Neal in 2000. And he's the first center to average more than 30 points a game since Moses Malone did it in 1982. That's 40 years ago for all my mathematically challenged hoops fans. I mean, I'm kind of [INAUDIBLE] my producer looked it up. I didn't know right away. Congrats, Joel. Now, let's see you win that MVP trophy.


JARED QUAY: The NBA play-in tournament is set and should be fun as hell for Nets fans because let's be honest, there ain't no way the Cavs are beating the Nets team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie, "fresh legs", Irving, who missed more games this season than he actually played in. And if the Nets win, they will be the most dangerous 7th seed ever. I mean, I'd be hating [INAUDIBLE] 2nd seed. You know what? If I ain't first, I'm last.