The Rush: Salty football coaches and actor Rob Riggle celebrate Labor Day on The Rush

Happy Labor Day, everyone!  We love to celebrate working by not working at all.  Perhaps not getting the holiday weekend off was why Eagles coach Doug Pederson and Alabama coach Nick Saban were so salty! They both acted like jerks to reporters who were just doing their jobs in asking both coaches about the starting quarterback situations.  How rude!

Meanwhile actor and diehard sports fan Rob Riggle stopped by The Rush to show you and your pals the right and wrong ways to celebrate Labor Day out on the water.  What gives him the authority, you ask? As the founder of Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy (playing now on Sony Crackle), the man knows his way around watercraft. Check out the video to see his hilarious take on some lakeside follies.

Finally, college football got off to a great start with a crazy catch that you’ll need to see to believe.  Can you say Odell Beckham Jr.??

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