The Rush: Rodgers remains a Packer, Russell becomes a Bronco and Kyrie drops 50

The NFL offseason is heating up with a bombshell trade sending QB Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos from the Seattle Seahawks and the news that QB Aaron Rodgers will re-sign with the Packers, despite his several expressions of unhappiness in Green Bay over the last few years. In the NBA, Kyrie Irving dropped 50 points in the Nets win over the Hornets. Plus, Jared shares Twitterverse reactions to the Rodgers/Wilson news and imagines a world in which Kanye West and Antonio Brown become the new owners of the new-look Broncos.

Video Transcript

- Dishes. Kyrie going for the 50 piece. Irving has 50!

- Oh my.

JARED QUAY: I love the NFL. Everyone was talking about me for most of the season, and I didn't even win the Super Bowl. And [BLEEP], between my breakup with Shai Wood and the new contract with the Packers, I own the offseason news cycle too. Hold my beer. We're going to talk about Russell Wilson's new home in a minute. But first, the reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers is going to remain a Packer.

Despite expressing unhappiness with the team several times over the last few years and leading us to think he wanted out of Green Bay, the quarterback is reportedly signing a $200 million, four-year deal that will keep him under center until he's 42. Rodgers chimed in on the news tweeting that while he's definitely going to be a Packer next season, he hasn't, quote, signed a contract just yet. Rodgers said he wanted to clear that up. Funny because I'm old enough to remember when Rodgers was purposely vague and happy to [BLEEP] the entire public.

- Are you vaccinated? And what's your stance on vaccinations?

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, I've been immunized.

JARED QUAY: Rodgers didn't get vaccinated, nor did he win the Super Bowl last season, but he sure as hell hit bingo at the trucker convoy with this gem.

AARON RODGERS: I realize I'm in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now. So before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket--

JARED QUAY: Yo, if cancel culture means getting paid $200 million, I'm for the culture. Hell, you can cancel me tomorrow. Just send my check through the mail.

- The check is on the way.

JARED QUAY: That said, you know Packers fans are pumped about Aaron Rodgers sticking around, but Broncos receiver Jerry Jeudy not so much.

- Well, not really.

JARED QUAY: This is what Jeudy tweeted when the news came down that Rodgers is staying in Green Bay. Just a couple hours later, though, that frown turned upside down when word emerged of a blockbuster trade sending Russell Wilson to Denver.

- I'm so excited!

JARED QUAY: Jerry Jeudy happy as hell, but whomever runs the Seahawks social media account seemed pretty bummed out.

- Wilson, where are you? Wilson! Wilson! Wilson!

JARED QUAY: I'd be crying too if my team gave up Russell freaking Wilson and had to start Drew Lock at quarterback next season. I'm not saying Drew Lock is bad, but I damn sure ain't saying he's good.

- A Joe Average.

JARED QUAY: On the bright side, two first-round draft picks should help. But looking at the quarterbacks in Yahoo Sports' Eric Edholm's mock draft, it could be a bumpy ride for Seattle.

- Hang on, kid.

JARED QUAY: That said, all hell could break loose in Denver if Kanye West and Antonio Brown end up as the new owners of the Broncos.

- Hm?

JARED QUAY: Yes, I know that sounds like an article from "The Onion," but it's true. AB is the president of Kanye West's new venture Donda Sports. And the Broncos are looking for new ownership. So naturally, the new prez is trying to make deals happen on Twitter, like the rest of us.

- One of us! One of us!

JARED QUAY: March Madness came early thanks to this NFL drama, and it's all too much to wrap my head around. So I'm going to get back to something a little more stable, like sports baby.

- You're joking, right?

JARED QUAY: Brackets are here. Join Yahoo Sports' Tourney Pick 'Em $25,000 best bracket contest. Create a bracket for free and get a piece of the action. Sign up at But if there's a prop bet somewhere about 'Ye buying the Broncos, I mean, it's not going to win, but it's worth having. Who knows?