The Rush: Remembering John Madden

The legendary John Madden passed away on Tuesday morning. We take a look back at his life and some iconic moments.

Video Transcript

- This is a father bucket. This is a mother bucket. And since the last game, they had a baby bucket. So this is a baby bucket. So they got three now. There have always been two. One's going to go to Parcells, one's going to go to another assistant, and one will go to a player later in the game.

JARED QUAY: The world lost an NFL legend on Tuesday morning in John Madden.


To people my age and younger, "Madden" is an iconic football video game franchise.

DEMETRY JAMES: I'll do this [BLEEPS] for Madden. Oh, [BLEEPS], Darren Sharper, one of the most hardest hitting safeties in the league. But I'll put the team on my back, dude.

JARED QUAY: But John was a lot bigger than a video game. Heck, he was bigger than football.

- Marge and Lisa painting eggs? Did that work for you?

- Oh, big time. They came off the bench with a huge effort that allowed Homer and Bart to make some significant gains.

JARED QUAY: Madden was a Hall of Fame coach with the Raiders in the '70s. Then he was perhaps the most recognizable broadcaster for three decades.

JOHN MADDEN: You think you got him tackled. I mean, that's by keeping your feet going and making Sanders move. Some of those moves, there's only one guy in this game that makes. And you just saw that guy.

JARED QUAY: He's also the reason we have a yellow first down line on our television screens whenever we watch football. And that right there is enough to be in any Hall of Fame.

- He's a legend.

JARED QUAY: We here at "The Rush" appreciate the greatness of John Madden. Heck, Madden's been a part of more than a few of our episodes.

- The 69 rating on the speed doesn't really concern me a whole lot. One thing I've never been known for is my speed.

JARED QUAY: But that doesn't mean that he agreed with the whole assessment.

- I'm pretty upset about the 38 receiving rating. I pride myself on having some pretty good hands.

JARED QUAY: Every time a Madden franchise named a new cover athlete, we along with everyone else had to tune in. And I can't think of a more fitting way to remember the legend than a trip down memory lane with some of his most iconic lines.

JOHN MADDEN: But see, I mean, he got a little in here and a little up there. But he doesn't have anything here at all. Watch, when you take it off, he doesn't have anything going up in there.

- You got to give him time. He just had his 29th birthday.

JOHN MADDEN: I know. But I don't think he's doing a very good-- I'd quit. They're inside now. But inside isn't in the middle or on top. That's underneath I think, isn't it?

- Yes it is.

JOHN MADDEN: I mean, if you look at that thing-- yeah, I've never figured-- see they're down in here in this group here I think. See? See how heat does come out of the top of your head? Looking just coming off of Nate's head there? That's where it escapes. If you have heat in your body and you want to let it out, you take your hat off. What you could do is you could have a barbecue on that head.

- Nate's got a lot of room to let it out.

JOHN MADDEN: Yeah, I mean, you could cook some burgers on there.