The Rush: Novak Djokovic Covid admissions and omissions create chaos in Australia

Top-seed Novak Djokovic is set to begin his title defense against ​​Miomir Kecmanovic in the first round of play at the Australian Open next week, but that will ultimately depend on whether or not the Immigration Minister allows him to remain in Australia. Prior to the tournament draw, Djokovic released a statement with new admissions, including the fact that he sat for an interview and maskless photoshoot knowing he had Covid without disclosing his status. New York Giants owner John Mara told reporters that this past season was the most embarrassing time in his tenure with the organization… and Jared has some thoughts on why this bad season was different from all other bad seasons. Plus, watch the show to see a hilarious parody of the Novak Djokovic saga, starring tennis greats Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Video Transcript



JARED QUAY: The Novak Djokovic Australian Open saga is the gift that keeps on giving. The tennis star released a statement on Instagram attempting to explain why he was maskless and hanging out with a bunch of kids when he had COVID.

- See, what had happened was--

JARED QUAY: There was an entire timeline, but the short version is Joker said that he was exposed to COVID at a public event. Then he tested negative with an at-home test.

- OK, that's good. Then what?

JARED QUAY: He got the PCR test too but didn't bother isolating while waiting on those results. So he found out he had COVID later in the day after exposing all those cute kids. Novak also admitted to doing an in-person interview with the reporter and photographer, knowing he had COVID, not telling him he had COVID, and taking his mask off during the meeting.

- Oy vey.

JARED QUAY: Oh yeah, and he said someone from his team accidentally checked the incorrect box on his visa application regarding foreign travel.

- Anything else?

JARED QUAY: Yeah, probably. New [BLEEP] about this guy comes out every day. When does he even find time to play tennis? Serena Williams yelling at an umpire and Naomi Osaka declining to speak to media made international headlines. Could you imagine if either of them exposed a bunch of kids and journalists to COVID?

- Never see him again.

JARED QUAY: Double standards are real, yo. Giants owner John Mara spoke with the media a day after firing head coach Joe Judge. If you've never seen a sad billionaire before, here's your chance.

- Hey Joe, I'm curious. Is this your lowest moment in your association with the Giants? And is this as embarrassed as you've been about the franchise?

JOE JUDGE: Honestly, I would have to say yes. Yes, it is. I kept thinking, during the season, that we had hit rock bottom, and then each week it got a little worse. So honestly, I'm not proud of saying this, but if I'm going to be 100% honest, I would have to say the answer is yes.

JARED QUAY: The Giants have had four full-time head coaches in the last seven seasons, so things have been bad for a hot minute. I was thinking, what could have made this bad season different from all the other bad seasons?

- Why? What'd they do now?

JARED QUAY: And I think I know why. Conspiracy time.

- A conspiracy?

JARED QUAY: There's a $6 million class-action lawsuit filed against the New York Giants and the New York Jets by fans who are mad they have to drive to New Jersey to watch teams with New York in their names.

- Jersey, we're in New Jersey.

JARED QUAY: If you've ever had to get from any of the five boroughs to East Rutherford, New Jersey on game day, I guess you just don't know. It ain't a fun thing to do though.

- Don't merge. Don't merge. We'll all wait. We'll wait for you to send your text.

JARED QUAY: The plaintiff's attorney said, quote, "The Giants and Jets have no legal or ethical right to play in a stadium built on cheap landfills in New Jersey and still call themselves New York franchises," end quote. Yep, that's a multimillion dollar troll job right there. Lawsuits are serious business, but this one is hilarious.

Now the people in New Orleans, on the other hand, now they've got a legit claim. Because we all know there ain't no goddamn Jazz in Utah. That team should have gave up that name when they moved West because we know there's more jazz in New Orleans than there is anywhere in the world. In fact, every team should really have more culturized names.

Like if the football team looking for a new name-- they should be called the Presidents, the Washington Presidents. And they should have the actual head of state come coach on Sundays. Because you know you got a day of rest. Everybody should watch football. I don't care if you the head of state.