The Rush: No escape for Deandre Ayton as Suns match Pacers’ max contract

Suns center and restricted free agent Deandre Ayton signed a max deal with the Pacers, but the Suns matched which means Ayton is staying in Phoenix. 76ers star Joel Embiid became a French citizen and could be suiting up for the French national team as soon as next year at the FIBA World Cup. The Kansas City Royals took to Twitter to take a jab at 10 of their own unvaccinated players who won’t be making the trip to Canada to play against the Blue Jays.

Video Transcript

CHRIS PAUL: Man over there Deandre Ayton, he going to get him bag this summer.

- Chris Paul probably isn't a psychic, but he knows a max deal when he sees one. The Suns center and former number one overall pick, Deandre Ayton has agreed to a four year, $133 million max contract with the Indiana Pacers.

- Show me the money. Show me the money.

- So Ayton is finally going to go to a team that actually wants him and will pay top dollar for his services.

- Right, am I right?

- Not exactly. See, Ayton is a restricted free agent, and the Suns have match, which means Ayton ain't going anywhere. And that all but eliminates the Suns from the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, who he listed as a preferred destination. Why the Suns didn't just give Ayton the max he asked for last summer when he requested it, is beyond me. Either way, Chris Paul called it, because Ayton is getting paid.

- Cha-ching.

- Another really talented center is taking his talents, not to South Beach, heck, not even within the US. Sixers star, Joel Embiid, became a French citizen and could play for France in the 2023 FIBA World Cup or the 2024 Olympics.

- I love Paris.

- France did win the silver medal in the 2020 Olympics and Embiid will join a frontcourt that already features Rudy Gobert. Having those two on the floor at the same time would be downright frightening.

- It's terrifying, actually.

- I mean, having two literal trees on the court feels like cheating. Just saying France, just saying. Talk about a royal pain in the ass, the Kansas City Royals have 10 unvaccinated players who have to be placed on a restricted list. All 10 will miss KC's upcoming series with the Toronto Blue Jays, as unvaccinated people are not allowed into Canada.

The Royals must be real mad because they took a not-so-subtle shot at their own guys on Twitter. After announcing the unvaccinated culprits are being placed on the restricted list, including Andrew Benintendi and Hunter Dozier, the team tweeted out that they're hosting free vaccine events and encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

- That bad, huh?

- That's my kind of trolling. It does not get more obvious than that. And I understand, the Royals are the last place in their division. And four days off must looking real nice to these guys. But come on, where is the team spirit? You guys don't want to play because of vaccinations? Well then why did you do steroids? I think you need a needle for steroids too, right? Just help the world get the vaccine. Stop spreading COVID and hit some home runs.