The Rush: No Cam Newton, no chance for the Patriots in 26-10 loss to Chiefs

Without Cam Newton, the New England Patriots fell to the Kansas City Chiefs 26-10 thanks to some poor quarterback play, Aaron Rodgers continued his domination by throwing 4 TD passes, including 3 to some guy named Robert Tonyan in the Green Bay Packers’ 30-16 win over the Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien was fired, the New York Yankees got by the Tampa Bay Rays 9-3, and the Houston Astros seemingly didn’t need to cheat their way to a 10-5 victory over the Oakland Athletics.

Video Transcript

- Blitz picked up, Rodgers has his man, the tight end, Tonyan for the touchdown. Robert Tonyan on the receiving end.

JARED QUAY: We were lucky enough to get not one, but two Monday Night Football games. Unfortunately, it was due to Cam Newton testing positive for COVID-19. Cam seems to be doing fine, but hopefully he wasn't around any televisions or else he would have saw his Patriots get ransacked by the Chiefs. I mean, the Patriots defense played well.

They got to Mahomes early and often and held the high powered offense to just 19 points. Hell, they would have scored their own touchdown if the refs weren't whistle happy and Bill Belichick knew how to throw a challenge flag. How's that not a fumble?

But Cam's replacement Brian Hoyer was no Superman, with two critical mistakes in the red zone ensured the Chiefs 26-10 victory.

- The ball came out.

JARED QUAY: And if Cam kept watching television, he would've saw two other former MVPs battle it out in Lambeau Stadium. Aaron Rodgers continued to have his way with opposing defenses, throwing three touchdowns to a guy no one's heard of to beat the Falcons. What's his name, Robert Tonyan? He must be funny these guys from the supermarket or something.

I think Aaron Rodgers is playing a trick, because Green Bay won't draft receivers, so he's only throwing touchdown to guys who had extremely hard names to pronounce. At this rate, they just need a draft an Antetokounmpo and Aaron Rodgers is in business. Anyways, the Packers are still undefeated and Falcons learned you can't blow a lead if you never have a lead. Smart.

And if Cam is wondering how Texas coach Bill O'Brien's day is going, it's not going so good. My man got fired on his day off.

- Harsh, right?

JARED QUAY: Which is surprising to some after he coached four AFC Championship teams in his six years. But the Texans are currently 0-4, which is good for the Dolphins, who have the Texans first overall pick. And not to mention, O'Brien trading the lead leading receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals for a second round pick. I'm surprised he made it to week four. I mean, after that DeAndre Hopkins trade, I thought he was trying to leave.

And if Cam wanted to, he could watched some MLB playoffs. The Yankees are catching fire, taking down the top seeded Rays 9-3 after Giancarlo's ninth inning grand slammy.

- And she's gone.

JARED QUAY: And still [INAUDIBLE], the Houston Astros are finding a way to get it done. They took game one of the ALDS over the Oakland A's after the bats came alive, scoring 10 runs. George Springer hit 4-5 and Carlos Correa made history, becoming the first shortstop to have two multi-home run games in the postseason.

No trash can needed in this one. But if they are cheating, they doing some futuristic cheating. It's 2020. They probably got little readers on the board that flash colors with ultraviolet lights when you wear glasses. That's why [INAUDIBLE].