The Rush: No. 15 St. Peter’s Peacocks strut their way to upsetting No. 2 Kentucky

The madness was plentiful during the first day of play in the round of 64 at the Men’s NCAA Tournament as several underdogs won their matchups, highlighted by the No. 15 St. Peter’s Peacocks dismantling the No. 2 Kentucky Wildcats in overtime. The NFL had no chill on Thursday, promptly hogging the college hoops spotlight with the blockbuster trade of Davante Adams from the Packers to the Raiders. The trade comes with a new contract, making Adams the highest-paid receiver in the league. In Cleveland, the Browns lost out on the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes, and might lose Baker Mayfield too, as the starting quarterback reportedly requested a trade.

Video Transcript

Drame, swing for Lee. 9 to shoot. Watched by Wheeler. Edert, kaboom! A 3!

JARED QUAY: I don't know about y'all, but I'm still recovering from the calendar gods blessing us with a St. Patty's Day and the first legit day of March Madness, creating one hell of a thirsty Thursday.

- I'm drunk.

JARED QUAY: I knew all the stars were aligned for absolute mayhem when I saw this.

- She's got it! Oh, what a play!

JARED QUAY: I ain't ever seen anything like that. It was all fun and games, until brackets were busting all over the damn place. Like a 15 seed taking down a two seed, for just the 10th time ever.

- No good, you can feel the madness!

JARED QUAY: Yes, the Kentucky Wildcats throw to Saint Peter's Peacocks.

- Who?

JARED QUAY: The Peacocks were strutting, baby. And while we're busy with all the chaos of pub crawls and losing money on basketball, the NFL was like--

- Hey, hold my beer.

JARED QUAY: The Packers sent their best receiver packing, trading Davante Adams to the Raiders.

- Say what now?

JARED QUAY: Yep, Green Bay ain't got enough money left to pay for a top receiver, after breaking bank on Aaron Rodgers's new deal. But good thing for Davante, the Raiders have plenty of cash on hand, because--

- Vegas, baby!

JARED QUAY: Adams will become the highest paid receiver in the league, when he signs a five year, $141 million contract the Raiders drew up.

- Holy [BLEEP]. Holy [BLEEP].

JARED QUAY: Yo Davante, can you hit your boy with a low-interest loan? I mean, basically like a free loan, because I just need like 10 G's. Because I'm about to go on vacation tomorrow, and I need to splurge. Matter of fact, you got it. Why don't you let me call it 20? Anyways, money is great. But it can't always buy happiness. Just ask Baker Mayfield.

I know my dude Baker is rolling in dough since he's in, like, every other commercial on TV. But the quarterback is down and out at his day job. Rumor has it that after the Browns failed to trade for Deshaun Watson, Mayfield requested a trade.

- Well, where does he want to go?

JARED QUAY: I see where Baker is coming from, though. It's like being married, and all of a sudden, your partner's like, yo, I want an open marriage. And you're like, yeah, things are rocky. But I ain't think it was that serious. Question is, where can Baker go to maximize his commercial star power? I'm thinking New York City, man. You watch out, Daniel Jones. You watch out, Zach Wilson.

Actually, Baker, you gotta do something different, man. You know, you're a different kind of player. You gotta go to Canada. You gotta be a Toronto star. You need to be what LeBron is in LA, to Toronto Argonauts.