The Rush: NHL lays out plan to return as NBA superstar threatens not to

The NHL took a big step toward returning, announcing plans to advance straight to a March Madness-style playoff tournament for the Stanley Cup, one of the biggest stars in the NBA threatened to sit out the rest of the regular season, and a Danish soccer club is working on plans to let up to 10,000 fans attend games remotely via Zoom. PLUS: Alex Ovechkin Facetimes the Caps’ team dog, the KBO has better fake fans than Bundesliga, and three weeks ago, an episode of The Rush predicted the future!

Video Transcript

ALEXANDER OVECHKIN: Yeah! Guess who? Guess who?

JARED QUAY: Good thing that dog knows how to FaceTime because Alex Ovechkin and the Caps are about to hit the road. The NHL finally has a comeback plan. They're going to scrap the rest of the regular season and go straight into a March Madness-style tournament with 24 teams playing for the Stanley Cup. Wait, does hockey have 24 teams?

Each team will quarantine in one of two hub cities with no more than 50 people, meaning the Flyers may have to choose between Claude Giroux--

- Scores!

JARED QUAY: --and this guys.

It's a little different than what Adam Silver's cooking up for the NBA, and at least one superstar ain't feeling it. The NBA reportedly wants their teams to fulfill regional television deals, which means at least 70 games played, and that's Damian Lillard's end game.

BRIAN ANDERSON: Lillard! It's good at the buzzer!

JARED QUAY: He told Yahoo Sports' own Chris Haynes that if his team doesn't have a true opportunity to get into the playoffs, he's out.

- Yeah.

JARED QUAY: However the NBA comes back, it's one person that definitely ain't going to be there, you. You're tough to replace too. In Germany, they're tried using cardboard cutouts.

- If you look at the cards, you could, like, almost think that there's people.

JARED QUAY: Not bad. Then in Korea they used sex dolls. This is a little better.

But one Danish soccer club has the best idea of them all because it was mine. AGF Aarhus is working on a plan to let up to 10,000 fans attend games on Zoom.

- Interesting.

JARED QUAY: An idea so crazy we already made a joke about it three weeks ago on this show. Roll the clip.

It's the new jumbotron they're about to raise at SoFi Stadium in LA. Damn. They might try to fit all 60,000 fans on the Zoom call. I'm just playing. Chargers ain't got 60,000 fans.

- I mean, you did say it.

JARED QUAY: Look, I ain't mad. The hardworking people at Zoom clearly watch this show and stole my idea. And if you don't want me to sue, I got a few requests, all right? For one, I'm going to need about a hundred-- $100,000 sound about right. Y'all got that. Number two, I want an unlimited subscription for me, my cousin, my mama, my auntie, my baby. Number four, y'all let me Zoom boom Beyoncé. Whenever she get on Zoom, I want y'all letting me call in and be like, [? Yoncé, ?] what's good?