The Rush: Morant misses buzzer-beater as Warriors win a thriller in Memphis

Despite Ja Morant’s huge 34-point game, he missed a game-winning layup right at the buzzer and the Grizzlies fell to the Warriors in Game 1 of their NBA Playoff series. With suffocating defense and a Giannis Antetokounmpo triple double, the Bucks bullied the Celtics for the easy Game 1 victory. And now former Bears quarterback Nick Foles is out of a job, but we have some ideas for what he could do next. PLUS: Has Ja Morant’s father replaced him with Stephen Curry?

Video Transcript

- [INAUDIBLE] on the boards is Memphis Moran gets in the paint, flips up a shot, and got in.


JARED QUAY: Ja Morant be the best point guard in the league one day because Steph Curry isn't ready for any changing of the guard just yet.

- A few years maybe.

JARED QUAY: Ja was incredible in game one of the Grizzlies Warriors series doing a whole lot of shot making.

- Morant tries another. Tillman, the offensive rebound. Back to Morant, up and under off the glass. He spins it in.

JARED QUAY: Even at the Grizzlies up late but a clutch 3 from Klay Thompson gave the Warriors the lead late in the fourth. And when it counted most, Steph Curry stuff the young fella in the waning seconds.

- In the paint drives, knocked away by Curry.

JARED QUAY: Despite that, Morant still had a chance to steal the win at the buzzer, but couldn't get his trademark left to fall. And just to prove he's still the top point guard, after the game, Curry walked over to Usher look like Tee Morant a.k.a. Ja's father and had the guy congratulating him. Damn Steph, stealing your opponent's pops is just low. Can't take a man's daddy.

- It's just not done.

JARED QUAY: How do you stop a freak athlete who is deadly created in a lab or possibly an alien?

- Trick question.

JARED QUAY: Exactly, you don't.

- Williams stout defense threw it to himself. Oh! He's eviscerating the Celtics inside. Wow.

JARED QUAY: Giannis Antetokounmpo had the Bucks and the Celtics looking lost and confused on offense during game one of their playoff series. And when you have the game's best cheat code on your team getting triple doubles, it's a perfect recipe for success.

Nick Foles, Super Bowl Champion, NFL journeyman, former Pro Bowler, and now unemployed.

- My life is ruined.

JARED QUAY: No, it's not Nick. There's still hope. Sure, the Chicago Bears don't want you anymore, but even if no one picks you up, they're still plenty of other things you could do.

- Like what?

JARED QUAY: Well, you could become a pastor. I mean, that seems right up your alley or you can do with this dude did it the Broad Street running Philly.

- Tell us what you did for this whole 10 mile.

- Oh, what, dressed up as Allen Iverson obviously and dribbled down the whole race.

JARED QUAY: Whoa! There's no better use of time than dribbling for 10 miles. And with the right training and mindset, I know Nick Foles can make that triumphant return to Philly in the same race. Instead of dribbling 10 miles, maybe he can throw picks for 10 miles. But didn't even need a lot of football.

He probably come around with like a Santa Claus sack. As he was running, he'd pull it out and throw it to people with signs. And he's like, it's a funny sign. They're going intercepted for you. They won't accept you for you. Take her to the hospital, man. Hey, thank you. No, no, you get the ball. I don't want a beer. I want to throw you an interception.