The Rush: Michael Jordan Owns Throwback Thursday

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Twenty years ago to the day, Michael Jordan hit a game-winner to trump all game-winners. Anyone older than, say, Zion Williamson probably recalls seeing it live. Even the 17 year-old phenom has assuredly seen the storied replay by now, too.

Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. That year the 14th of June fell on a Sunday, and MJ’s jumper with 6 seconds to go in regulation, to put the Bulls one point ahead of the Jazz on their home court, was indeed godlike.

Do you remember the moment like it was yesterday? Better yet, do you think LeBron James — then just a wee 13 year-old in Ohio — remembers it as clearly?

In honor of the modern institution of Throwback Thursday, we ponder the whereabouts several of the men still looking to fill Jordan’s imposing shoes.  

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