The Rush: Mavs slay Suns en route to Game 7, Heat melt 76ers to advance to ECF

In the West, the Mavericks and Suns are heading to a decisive Game 7 after Dallas staved off elimination by walloping Phoenix 113-86 while the Heat have earned their second trip to the Eastern Conference Finals in the last three years after beating the 76ers in their Game 6 matchup in Philadelphia. Plus, the NFL released the 2022 schedule, with the most entertaining aspect of the event happening on Twitter.

Video Transcript

- Mark, there are some players whose greatness supersedes the rules. And Luka Doncic is one of those players.


JARED QUAY: The Mavericks came into game six of their playoff series with the Suns in a win or go home situation. And boy did they rise to the occasion.

- Look at this.

- Luka's so good getting up in the air and making bullet passes right in the shooter's pocket.

JARED QUAY: Luka Doncic did franchise player things, logging 33 points, 11 rebounds, and 8 assists.

- Bullock goes to the screen. Luka with a step back, got it.


- Has something to say to CP afterwards, too.

JARED QUAY: Speaking of Chris Paul, the Suns got crushed in all phases. It was CP3's fourth straight game with low offensive production. So we'll see if we can get his mojo back for game seven in Phoenix, because they're going to need it.

- Giddy up there, cowboy.

JARED QUAY: Back east, the Heat are headed to the Conference Final for the second time in three years. Miami went into Philly with a 3-2 series lead and proceeded to melt the 76ers on their home floor.

- [INAUDIBLE] was fouled, didn't get the call. Butler in transition. Draws the foul, [INAUDIBLE] the basket! Jimmy Butler got it to go. Plus, Embiid gets his third foul.

JARED QUAY: Philly's Danny Green was hurt in the first half, and James Harden disappeared in the second half, as the Sixers couldn't get anything going.

- Has been very little. That's the ninth offensive rebound. Steal by Oladipo! Count the basket.

- The Heat will face the winner of the Bucs-Celtics series for a trip to the finals, while Philly fans spend the next several months preparing to boo Santa Claus in December.

- And try to act professional for Christ's sake.

JARED QUAY: The NFL released the entire 2022 season schedule on Thursday night, and there are plenty of marquee games to put on your calendar-- like a week six rematch of last year's epic divisional round duel between the Bills and Chiefs, and Russell Wilson and the Broncos returning to his old stomping grounds in Seattle on week one. You can check out the full league schedule, and the rest of the most intriguing matchups, and Frank Schwab's article about the 10 games you don't want to miss on

But the most interesting aspect of the schedule release happened on Twitter.

- Of course.

JARED QUAY: An account called NFL Schedule Leaks popped up and started releasing the schedule before the NFL did-- until he admitted that he was just making it all up.

- Duh.

JARED QUAY: Maybe you're thinking, I knew it was BS. But 10,000 people thought otherwise and followed the fake account. Dude then went stream of consciousness on us, at first shocked that people believe everything they see on the internet, then coming to the realization that this is the world we actually live in. People believe everything. What's crazy is that this guy end up in "Forbes" magazine and here on Yahoo Sports, so he really lived up to fake it till you make it title to the fullest.

I mean, maybe I should make a spoof account. How about I call it this? Elon Musk's Other Twitter account. And I'll just be tweeting at banks like hey, send 45 million to Jared Campbell of my money ASAP. And what I'm gonna do with the money is I'mma buy Twitter. I'm going to make sure it don't got free speech. I'mma make sure there ain't nothing on Twitter but people making jokes like the NFL schedule release guy, all right? And all I want to see jokes and twerking videos.