The Rush: Lightning jolt the Avalanche with 6-goal blitz in Game 3

The Tampa Bay Lightning found life on home ice in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Colorado Avalanche, cutting the series deficit to 2-1. The Golden State Warriors were busy celebrating their championship with an epic parade and lots of Klay Thompson shenanigans. Allegedly, Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets are at an ‘impasse’ and the Lakers and Knicks are lurking.

Video Transcript

- Steered away by [INAUDIBLE]. Centered again-- [INAUDIBLE] scores!


JARED QUAY: Down 2-0 to the Colorado Avalanche, the Tampa Bay Lightning certainly haven't looked like a two-time defending champ. But all that changed in game 3, as they showed their experience to defend home ice and get back into this series.

- Josh Manson reversed it. [INAUDIBLE] to Colton. [INAUDIBLE] scores! And it is Nick Paul!

JARED QUAY: With game 4 also in Tampa, the Lightning now look to have a real shot at making this a series to remember. While we don't have a hockey champion just yet, champs in a different sport are busy celebrating their success. The Golden State Warriors are no strangers to parades. In fact, they're almost as good at celebrating championships as they are winning them. On Monday, the Warriors celebrated their latest 'ship in style, with a literal goat wearing a Steph Curry jersey.

- That curried goat--

- Damn.

- Tender.

JARED QUAY: But that wasn't all. Oh, no. There was much, much more. Juan Toscano-Anderson found a young fan in the crowd, brought his floaty, and then hoisted the kid over the barricade for a moment of glory and then deposited the young fellow right where he found him.

- Love you!

JARED QUAY: And no Warriors parade is complete without checking on Klay Thompson, whose day started off kind of rocky.


JARED QUAY: Never fear, though, because Klay found a new hat. Or he stole it. It's a bit unclear. Klay wasn't done. He's called a man of the people for a reason, like when he casually dropped his championship ring into the crowd--


--or when he stumbled and took out this fan like he was playing linebacker in the NFL. I mean, this is truly legendary stuff.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Kyrie Irving is having trouble with his team, and it seems like he's looking to bounce.

- Not again.

JARED QUAY: Yes, again. According to multiple sources the athletic reports that Kyrie and the Nets are at an impasse, leading to speculation that the seven-time all-star will decline his player option in June and test free agency. Allegedly, the Lakers and Knicks are interested in Irving's services.


Can you imagine Kyrie reuniting with LeBron or the Lakers trading Russell Westbrook to the Nets to saddle Kevin Durant with his old teammate? I mean, this script kind of writes itself. Let the chaos begin. Again, it's like the sequel-- the sequels are never really as good. But if Kyrie and Russell Westbrook start playing like it's 2019 again, we've got to get serious.