The Rush: LeGarrette Blount on Rodgers, Julio, Brady and inviting Pats to Eagles’ SB party

Three-time Super Bowl champion LeGarrette Blount joins The Rush to discuss the Aaron Rodgers situation in Green Bay, what the Falcons could get in return for Julio Jones, playing with Tom Brady, his new business venture LG’s Feel Good, marijuana’s place in the NFL and what happened when he awkwardly invited Patriots players to the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory party.

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: I'm sure there's some people that name their sons after you because of your fantasy football game. So there's a bunch of LeGarrettes running around elementary school right now.

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: [LAUGHS] As long as they ain't saying I'm the daddy I'm good.



JARED QUAY: What's up, everybody? I'm here with three-time Super Bowl champ LeGarrette Blount. How are you doing today, LeGarrette?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: I'm good, man. I can't complain, and I appreciate you guys for having me on, man. Thanks a lot.

JARED QUAY: So I'm wondering if you can help me with a few headlines. Is that OK?


- Helping with headlines.

JARED QUAY: Aaron Rodgers hasn't reported to mini camp in Green Bay. Where do you see Aaron Rodgers playing football in 2021?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: Man, the noise is Denver. That's all I keep hearing is Denver. I don't know, but I think that he'd be a really good fit there. Hes' not Tom Brady, but he's Tom Brady-esque.

He can come to your organization, and he can definitely make a difference. Obviously, Tom went to Tampa and turned it around. I think A-Rod got the same effect. So whoever gets him for the season is going to be up for a pretty special season I'm assuming.

JARED QUAY: And actually you won back-to-back championships on two different teams. What's the hardest part about changing to a new team and adjusting to their system?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: I think the toughest part of making that change is learning their playbook. Because recently that just came out Tom wasn't comfortable with the playbook and Tampa until week 12. So that's a long time. That's the whole offseason season and almost an entire football season with four games left before you actually fully understood the offensive playbook. So that's the toughest part.

JARED QUAY: Was Tom the smartest quarterback you played with?


JARED QUAY: Did he always know where you were at? You're like, Tom, what do I do? And he's like, go over here.

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: He got me. That's one guy that I always could ask in the huddles. He's one of those guys that I can always lay back on. He's like a comfort blanket.

JARED QUAY: Julio Jones seems to be unhappy in Atlanta. I know the Falcons are looking to trade him. What do you think is a fair value to get in return for giving up Julio Jones?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: I mean, I'm not going to lie. I'm with the Falcons on this one. I think that rightfully so they should ask for a first round pick. He's a Hall of Fame wide receiver, future Hall of Fame guy.

I mean, if you look at it over the years, you've gotten a first round draft picks for guys that are way, way, way less talented than Julio Jones. You have people who have gotten first round draft pick, second round draft pick, and two players for someone that can't even hold Julio's jockstraps.

JARED QUAY: I know football does take a serious toll on your body. So how are you managing pain now that you retired?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: So my pain management regimen is I started my own pain relief business. It's CBD. It's 100% THC-free. It's all organic. It's all natural. It's the best CBD on the market.

And everything that has to do with pain I use it for. I use it on myself. I use it on the wife. I use it on the kids. It's the best way to manage pain. I feel like it's the best way to manage the pain outside of like, obviously, what people do with football with the pain pills and stuff like that, that you take that sometimes players have to take to play in a game on Sunday. This is for everyone, and anybody can use it.

JARED QUAY: CBD doesn't contain THC. So this question isn't really directed towards LG's Feel Good. But do you think the NFL will be a better or worse league if it loosened up it's marijuana policies?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: You still have guys out there now that fail the pee test. There guys out there that this helps dealing with pain, dealing with sleeping. When you get home, you got to get into the iPad.

That's the way that you stay on top of your game. That's the way that you excel better than others. And that's the way that you separate yourself from the rest. Some guys might use it to lock in on the iPad. I think it can be a help for a lot of guys.

JARED QUAY: You won three Super Bowls, two with the Patriots and one with Philly. Which one, in your opinion, is the most memorable one?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: So the most memorable Super Bowl will always be the first one because there's a lot of guys that have played in the league for a really long time that will never even get to see a Super Bowl or a postseason game. The funnest was the last, and that's me being biased because I had 90 yards and a touchdown.

So I felt amazing after that game. It was bittersweet because of who it was against, and I got a lot of friends, like a lot of really, really close friends on New England. You go to the after party with the celebrities, and the music artists, and stuff like that. And I texted a handful of them and was like, bro, y'all come over here.

Like, shoot. You know what I'm saying? Like, why not? Like, I know y'alls party for sure dead.

- But this party is dead.

JARED QUAY: So did any Patriots players come party with you?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: They didn't come to the Philadelphia Eagles celebration. But we went to boys, and we went to clubs and stuff afterwards.

JARED QUAY: Oh, OK. I see. So you're like the peacemaker, right?

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: I try to keep the peace.

JARED QUAY: Well look here, LeGarrette, man, thank you for rushing me today. You were amazing. If you're watching this and you got any pain at all, please find LG's Feel Good. It'll help you in the most natural way. We appreciate you giving us the time, brother.

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT:, that's where you'll find it at.

JARED QUAY: There we go.