The Rush: Le’Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson drop the run game for the boxing ring

NFL running backs Le’Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson will face off against each other in a boxing exhibition, Rob Gronkowski explores a hypothetical NFL un-retirement 2.0 scenario, former No.1 overall NFL Draft pick JaMarcus Russell addresses his reputation as ‘biggest bust’ and Kelsey Plum’s teammates roast her tiny trophy with a comedic reenactment of the All-Star game MVP ceremony.

Video Transcript

- He was definitely one of the guys I kind of idolized growing up watching. Put a lot of things that he did on the field into my game. He definitely helped me in my aspect of football life, for sure. He was definitely a guy that I kind of looked up to.

- NFL running back Le'Veon Bell is taking his talents from the gridiron to the boxing ring, and his first opponent is a familiar foe.

- Yo, Adrian. Bell is going to box fellow NFL alum Adrian Peterson in a heavyweight exhibition at Arena in LA on July 31.

- You're kidding, right? In his press conference yesterday, Bell said, quote, "I know I'm not going to be playing this year, because I want to focus on boxing."

- You're a champ. Sure.

- Seeing as though Le'Veon has been on four teams in the last three seasons, I'm guessing it was the other way around.

- Shush shush shush.

- When Rob Gronkowski retired the first time, he, too, opted to get in the ring, signing a WWE contract. Gronk was asked about his future yesterday, and he told ESPN that if Tom Brady calls him up and asks him to play like last time, he's not going to unretire for a second time.

- We'll see. [LAUGHS]

- That said, I'm sure we haven't heard the last of the living legend that is Gronk. And even though he's been out of the NFL since 2009, we still haven't heard the last of JaMarcus Russell.

- Do you consider yourself the biggest bust in NFL draft history?

- If you're going to call me a bust, like you say, put the biggest on that [MUTED], man.

- I love that.

- Damn. That's some self reflecting right there. Then again, it's hard to deny when JaMarcus Russell was the number one overall draft pick in 2007 and was out of the league after three seasons. I'm glad he can laugh about it now. From the biggest bust to the tiniest trophies, there's plenty of laughs to go around. On Monday's show, we gave WNBA star Kelsey Plum her flowers here on The Rush, but noticed something was a little off about her All-Star game MVP award.

I got one question, though. Why does Kelsey's MVP trophy look so damn small? It don't need to be Stanley Cup sized, but come on, now. This is ridiculous. Apparently I wasn't the only one who was feeling some trophy envy on Kelsey's behalf. We'll leave you with Kelsey's Aces teammates roasting the teeniest trophy in pro sports straight to the MVP's face.

- Recipients of the prestigious MVP award goes to Kelsey Plum!

- Woo!

- [INAUDIBLE] told you you would.


- Kelsey Plum, everybody.