The Rush: Kyler Murray out to prove he’s less fragile than the Mayo Bowl trophy

Wisconsin defeated Wake Forest 42-28 in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl then promptly shattered the trophy in the locker room, Cardinals QB Kyler Murray promised to return from injury to start Arizona’s must-win game in week 17, Colts QB Philip Rivers admitted Sunday’s game could be the last of his career, and the Cleveland Browns placed two more members of their organization on the COVID list. PLUS: Blake Bortles is the ultimate can’t-win QB, Philip Rivers won’t retire with that many kids at home, and 6,772 Buffalo Bills fans is way more than enough.

Video Transcript

- Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Woo!

- And we can have people like that around you.


JARED QUAY: I don't know what Wisconsin thought was going to happen. Of course their trophy broke. I mean, they won it in a game named after mayonnaise.


They ended up fixing it. But honestly, this is how it should have looked all along. I mean, it's the Mayonnaise Bowl. The Mayo Bowl.

- Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise!

JARED QUAY: A few teams are still fighting for the last spot in the NFL playoffs. One of them is the Cardinals, who got some good news yesterday. Kyler Murray is returning in a must-win game. But they're playing against Blake Bortles, so it's kind of a can't lose.

- My soulmate doesn't even know who Blake Bortles is.

JARED QUAY: If you lose to Blake Bortles, you can't go to the playoffs. New rules. The Colts are in the same boat, except for their quarterback just added a little drama. Put a little more drama here, a little more drama here. All right, let's go play a game.

Philip Rivers admitted that depending on how Sunday goes, it just might be his last game. But man, if I had nine kids at home, I would play until at least seven of them moved out.

- I need some space.

JARED QUAY: Even if Indy wins, they're still going to need a little help to get to the playoffs. They need at least one of these four teams to lose. And right now, it seems like the Cleveland Browns may be in the most trouble.

- Cleveland Brown?

JARED QUAY: Sure, they take on the Steelers without Big Ben. But yesterday, two more members of the organization were placed on the COVID list. That brings the grand total to way too damn many. Still, one more win and they get to move on to Buffalo, where the Bills just got some good news.

The New York Governor just announced that the Bills will be allowed to have a limited number of fans at their first home playoff game in 25 years. How many? 6,772 to be exact, which doesn't sound like a lot. But it is when you're talking about the Bills Mafia.



I mean, Bills fans are so crazy. One them is equal to like 16 regular fans. I mean, 6,000 of them is going to be like 60,000 anywhere else. But let's be honest. 6,000 Bills fans is about 6,000 too many. You ever been to a bar with a Bills fan? There's one TV in the corner, and that guy's going crazy.