THE RUSH: Knicks Fan Loses Hope, Sells Soul To Highest Bidder

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Two decades of embarrassment on and off the Madison Square Garden court were too much for one Knicks fan to take. He’s willing to switch team allegiance for the right price. Whoever bids the highest amount will be able to choose his new favorite team. And not only is he willing to root whole-heartedly for his new squad, but also he promises to bet $500 on the over for their win total, buy the NBA package to watch every one of their games, buy two different players’ jerseys and attend two games in person (one at home, one on the road). After setting the minimum bid at $1,973 (1973 is the year of the Knicks’ last championship), the high bid is currently $3,100. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile on the gridiron, Dez Bryant is starting to feel the heat. Only two weeks from opening kickoff and he still doesn’t have a team. Now he’s taking his free agency into his own hands…by picking up his phone, and commenting on an Instagram post. When a Pats fan tried to recruit him to New England, Dez wrote back, admitting that Tom Brady was always been his favorite player. Tony Romo could not be reached for comment.

Finally, Little League World Series sensation Big Al is no longer satisfied by just hitting dingers. Today, he’s hitting the charts by dropping his very first rap music video. The world will never be the same.

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