The Rush: Kevin Love on getting drunk with LeBron, Kyrie’s return and NBA playoffs

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love joins The Rush, choppin’ it up with Matt about the tight playoff race in the Eastern Conference, the return of Kyrie Irving as a fulltime player with the rival Brooklyn Nets, how his 2016 Cavs group chat blew up after he was posterized by a LeBron James dunk and whether or not that dunk got LeBron bounced off the guest list of Kevin’s upcoming wedding to Kate Bock. Plus, Kevin and his beloved dog Vestry are helping to launch Milk-Bone® Birthday Cake Artificially Flavored Biscuits along with a sweepstakes through the Milk-Bone Birthday Club to make your pup’s birthday a little sweeter.

Video Transcript

KEVIN LOVE: For me, it was like, damn, I should have got out of the way. And I tried to sell a charge that wasn't even there. And it all happened so quickly, and like, I fell back like kind of funny. And then at half time he goes, what the hell are you doing. Like, get out the damn way. And I put him in a headlock.

MATT HARMON: All right, I'm excited to be joined now by Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love. Kevin, How's it going, man?

KEVIN LOVE: Everything's good, man. Thanks for having me.

MATT HARMON: Oh, at this point, every game is serious. Every game is a potential must-win. I got to ask, is it demoralizing here at all, that at the end of the regular season-- when the Cavs and the Nets are basically neck and neck for the playoff race-- now, at this moment, Kyrie Irving, now he's on the floor for every single game? Does that, does that irritate you at all? What are you-- I'm petty, man. It would irritate me.

KEVIN LOVE: Yeah, I mean, listen, I'm not a stranger to pettiness either. But no, I'm actually, I'm happy for Kyrie. Pettiness for me comes from us potentially matching up with them and him playing at a high level and in every game. So, yeah, I think that's the only gripe I have with it, is that potential match-up. But outside of that Steve Nash is a very good friend. I want to see him have success just not when they play us.

- You heard me.

MATT HARMON: A couple of weeks ago, there was a bit of a moment between you and LeBron James. A certain dunk took place. Now you've been in the game for a long time. Does a moment like that even faze you at this point, or is it just like, all right, whatever onto the next thing.

KEVIN LOVE: It's funny because, like, in the past, it probably would, like, maybe take me out of the game either mentally or like how the crowd reacted, the fact that it happened in Cleveland. And a lot of things, right, like, all got thrown into the same pot. But it was all love like, after the fact. We got through it, we lost the tough one. But no, it was definitely-- that group chat that we have, our 2016 group chat, it was definitely blowing up. And it didn't even, didn't even take until after the game to get that going. So that was funny.

- Not, not really.

MATT HARMON: What's the craziest message that's happened in that group chat after that dunk?

KEVIN LOVE: Oh, I mean it had to have been Richard saying something. Because he's like, man and now I have to get on a TV and talk about it. So he's like, just give me your reaction because like, I'm just going to go in on you as much as I can. So like, I think it wasn't so much what he said, it was like, he's like now, he's like, shame on you Kevin. Now I have to go talk about my boy just get dunked on. So that's probably what actually made me laugh the hardest.

- It's brutal out there.

MATT HARMON: LeBron actually took to the 'gram talking about choking you out, the whole thing, pleading for mercy.

LEBRON JAMES: He's my guy. That's my brother, and I hope I'm still invited to the wedding.

KEVIN LOVE: Yeah, we had to sit back and look at the list again. But he made the cut. Yeah, the end of the day, he made the cut. But it was almost going to be Savannah for a minute. Just her. Yeah LeBron's going to be there. He's going to be a good time I'm going to get him drunk off of Lobos. So, yeah, he'll be OK.

MATT HARMON: OK, it's been awesome talking basketball with you, of course. Got to get that out of the way. But the real reason why you're here Kevin is to dish on Milk-Bone's new birthday treats. So tell us all about it.

KEVIN LOVE: Just came to be from Vestry being an absolute legend, and her loving the Milk-Bone treats, and the fact that Milk-Bone's releasing their birthday cake treats couldn't be better timing for us to do this. A lot of synergy there. Vestry is a very vocal dog. She lets us know what she likes, and with Milk-Bone, you know, she's not lacking for treats, for sure. So she's been amazing companion. Milk-Bone celebrates their dogs. We celebrate Vestry as much as we can every single day.

MATT HARMON: I'm a dog person, just like yourself. But the people out there at home watching who, for whatever reason, are not dog people, can you try and explain your love for Vestry?

KEVIN LOVE: We give her so much love, but she gives back even more. We got her a little bit before the pandemic. We're with her all the time, got to spend amazing time with her through it. And then, even now, just that appreciation for her is, just couldn't be, couldn't be higher. She's a special, special dog. I always say, once in a lifetime type dog. And it just makes it really easy to sit here and talk about her. It's funny that we get to do that, because I never thought I'd be like that dog dad. And yet here we are.

MATT HARMON: Oh yeah, it's never the person in the household that expects to become the dog dad or the dog mom or whatever like but that is 100%. Yeah exactly, that's how it goes. How did you guys come up with the name Vestry?

KEVIN LOVE: It's just one of our favorite streets in New York City. Kate and I are both there in the off season. It's just one of our favorite streets. You know she's a Vizsla. We like the V name, and she just-- like, I look at her and I'm like, that's Vestry. That's a Vestry, 100%. She fits the name.

MATT HARMON: Kevin Love, thank you so much for rushing with me today. Good luck the rest of the season. And please, from me and everyone else here at The Rush, give Vestry some extra Milk-Bones and belly rubs, all on us.

KEVIN LOVE: 100%. Thanks, man.