The Rush: Kansas stuns UNC in epic Championship game comeback

The Kansas Jayhawks beat the North Carolina Tar Heels 72-69 in the NCAA Men’s Championship game, overcoming a 16-point deficit to make the largest comeback in title game history. According to Brooklyn coach Steve Nash, there won’t be a comeback for Nets guard Ben Simmons in the regular season, but there very well might be a comeback for golf great Tiger Woods, who practiced at Augusta National in front of massive crowds ahead of the Masters, which tees off on Thursday.

Video Transcript

- Seven to shoot on a screen by McCormick. Martin-- shot! Big-time ticker! JARED QUAY: For all you East Coasters who slept through a memorable NCAA Men's Title Game last night, say, good morning, to your national champion, Kansas Jayhawks. The outcome was surprising, since the eighth seed UNC led the one seed Kansas by 15 at halftime, and the Tar Heels were 21 and 0 this season when leading at half. - It's the kiss of death, yo. JARED QUAY: Talk about the worst time to break a streak. But Kansas coach Bill Self knew something we didn't. He was cool as hell the entire time, and for good reason, because this team made up that 15-point deficit in the first nine minutes of the second half and took the lead with 10 minutes and 21 seconds on the clock. - They last led with nine minutes to go in the first half at 18-16. [INAUDIBLE] hits it to him with the three. JARED QUAY: From then on, it was a true battle to the finish, with Kansas coming out on top. The win was record-setting, as Kansas overcame a 16-point deficit, the largest in title game history. Congrats to the Jayhawks players and coaches on claiming their fourth national championship in program history. The men's championship game wasn't the only notable thing to happen on Monday either. - What else you got? JARED QUAY: Apparently, we won't be seeing Ben Simmons on the basketball court any time soon. - What a shocker. JARED QUAY: Brooklyn coach Steve Nash said the guard won't make his Nets debut in the regular season or postseason play-in tournament. - Get the refund, huh? JARED QUAY: Brooklyn sure as hell wish they can get a refund. The Nets are on the hook for nearly $147 million for a guy who hasn't been able to suit up yet, due to injury. The Nets are 9 and 9 since trading for Simmons. Between Kevin Durant's ankle injury and Kyrie Irving missing a huge chunk of this season, Brooklyn really could have used Simmons to keep their season on track. Someone who's looking like he's on track to play Thursday is Tiger Woods. - All right, we're back on track. JARED QUAY: Augusta National was hotter than Magic City on Monday, as Tiger Woods got in some practice at the famed Georgia golf course. Yes, I know, we're all hoping Tiger is able to play in the Masters later this week. But look at these fans. The masses followed him throughout the front nine, just to watch the GOAT practice. - We're talking about practice, not a game. Not a game. Not a game. We're talking about practice. JARED QUAY: My guy, JJ Spaun won last week's PGA TOUR event, the Valero Texas Open snagging him the final spot in the Masters field on Sunday. JJ could be on the 18th green with the birdie putt for a green jacket, and the crowd wouldn't be half of what Tiger drew at a frickin' practice. I, Jared Quay Campbell, could find the cure to COVID and all cancers and still couldn't draw the Tiger practice crowd. I mean ain't that some [BLEEP]?