The Rush: Juan Soto wins Home Run Derby, denies Pete Alonso a 3-peat

Nationals star Juan Soto beat Julio Rodriguez in the final round of the MLB Home Run Derby, Open Champion Cameron Smith reported back on how many beers fit inside the Claret Jug, and Avalanche player Jack Johnson and his kids ate ice cream out of the Stanley Cup. PLUS: Pete Alonso missed a golden opportunity to be known as 3-peat Pete and Albert Pujols stole the show at the Home Run Derby.

Video Transcript

- He keeps going. He's down on the knee. He's got it. Bat is flipped sky high, and Juan Soto is your 2022 Home Run Derby champion.

JARED QUAY: What a missed opportunity for Pete Alonso at the Home Run Derby. He could have been known as 3-peat Pete, but he got knocked out of the semi-finals round by Mariners rookie sensation, Julio Rodriguez. . The best moment of the Derby was when living legend Albert Pujols was surrounded and honored by all the players after what everyone thought was his last all-Star moment.

Shockingly, Kyle Schwarber could only tie Poole's first round total, and then lost the swing off to the 42-year-old. The Hall-of-Famer fell to Juan Soto in the semifinal round, setting up a final with Julio Rodriguez. The Mariners rookie might have blasted 81 total home runs in the competition, but Soto got it done in the final round, winning it 19-18. Now, will the Nationals star somehow be able to parlay his win into a $500 million contract? I'm sure his agent will give it a shot.

We saw Open champion, Cameron Smith, promise to find out how many beers the Claret Jug holds, and he was kind enough to provide the update.

CAMERON SMITH: It's pretty much exactly two. Uhm, yeah, I had a good night last night with it. Cheers.

JARED QUAY: Beer is a great choice to consume out of a trophy during the dog days of summer, but ice cream might be better. Jack Johnson of the Colorado Avalanche took his kids to the ice cream shop in Ohio, and like any sensible champion would do, he took the Stanley Cup with him. Those are employees loading scoops of a couple of different flavors of ice cream into the Stanley Cup for Johnson his kids to eat out of, and they didn't hold back.

I see chocolate syrup, whipped cream, damn, you know what? I need some ice cream right now. That's lovely, but I just want to know who's responsible for cleaning that trophy out before it goes to the next guy. Is it Jack, the cup keeper Phil Pritchard, Stanley Cup runner-ups the Tampa Bay Lightning, who? Maybe they can get Elon Musk. That's what I want. Get the richest person cleaning it out. You know what? That will show us that money isn't everything. You ain't up above anything, Elon Musk. Clean up the Stanley Cup trophy. It's probably the most noble work you did this year.