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The Rush: Joel Embiid sinks OT game-winner, Boston comes back to beat Brooklyn

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The 76ers took their first lead of Game 3 in overtime, pulling off a win over the Raptors thanks to a Joel Embiid 3-pointer with under one second to play and giving Philadelphia a 3-0 series lead over Toronto. In Boston, the Celtics overcame a 17-point deficit to beat the Nets, extending their series lead to 2-0… but Brooklyn could get a boost right in the knick of time as Ben Simmons’ return is reportedly imminent. Star receiver Deebo Samuel reportedly wants out of San Francisco, but wouldn’t specify the driving force behind his trade request. Rush host Jared Quay takes his best guess as to why Samuel wants to ditch the 49ers.

Video Transcript

- No team has ever recovered from a 3-0 deficit.


- Embiid shot, clock expiring. Absolutely unguardable.


JARED QUAY: Every day, I pray to the sports gods and thank them for blessing us with an overtime thriller like Game 3 of the Raptors-76ers series.

- Embiid turns fires for the win. Joel Embiid and the Sixers take Game 3 here in Toronto.

JARED QUAY: And I thank the hoop guys for the Brooklyn Nets. What a lose. This team always brings the drama, and Game 2 against the Celtics was no exception. Down one game is zipping their playoff series, Brooklyn showed up to the Garden hot, jumping out to a 17-point lead in the first half.

- Curry on the runout, leaves it up--

JARED QUAY: But the home team eventually woke up, chipped away, and got their first lead of the game halfway through the fourth quarter.

- Pritchard, off the bounce, crosses over, takes it, down it.

- Oh, my god. Are you kidding me?

JARED QUAY: Boston took control down the stretch and exploited the bad shooting night from both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. And when I say bad, I mean bad, bad.

- That bad, huh?

JARED QUAY: Sure. KD scored 27 points, but he shot 4 for 17 from the field. And Kyrie went for 13, scoring just 10 points. Listen, you know [BLEEP] is going your way, when Marcus Smart goes left handed to the hoop and turns you into an infinity stone.

- Marc up--

- For two.

- Oh, my god. What was that? Show me that left hand. Show me that left hand. Yeah, I see it. I see it.

JARED QUAY: Boston here only got the W, taking a 2-0 series lead. Historically, the franchise is 40-1 in a series, where they hold a 2-games to none lead. So Nets got their work cut out for them. Brooklyn could get a boost in the near future though.

- [INAUDIBLE] on the win.

JARED QUAY: According to Rhodes and ESPN, Ben Simmons could make his Nets debut in Game 4 or possibly Game 3 on Saturday.

- Hallelujah.

- (ALL) Hallelujah.

JARED QUAY: Now look, I don't think Simmons is some sort of savior, especially not after taking a year away from the court. But his return could be just enough to fire up the Nets when they need it. Speaking of needing help, the 49ers could use some right about now. Deebo Samuel once out of San Francisco.

- No! Let me out! Let me out!

JARED QUAY: At least that's what he told ESPN, Jeff Darlington. But the star receiver didn't give a reason for wanting to take the next trolley out of town. I can think of a few reasons though. Deebo is on the final year of his rookie contract. And according to the website overthecap.com, he's the 82nd highest paid receiver in the NFL. 82nd?

Racey McMath and Gunner Olszewski are making more money than Deebo.

- Who?

- Who?

JARED QUAY: That's my point. Here's how good Deebo was last season. He led the NFL with 18.2 yards per catch and 6.2 yards per rushing carry. The dual threat caught six touchdown passes and rushed for eight touchdowns, becoming the first receiver since 1970 to lead his squad in rushing touchdown. If you ask me, all that rushing is part of the problem, meaning nobody trying to take all them hits. If Deebo was cool with getting hit, he would have been a running back in the first place.

That's why he became a receiver. Think about it like this, if the Niners are going to rock with Jimmy G in Center next season, that means that it's probably going to be more running than catch catching for Deebo. Am I right? And if I'm Deebo, I want to play in anywhere besides San Francisco. The Red Sox, Jimmy G great throws, you've got to run the ball.

In fact, he might want to play for the XFL or the USFL. They got new technology. They know exactly what a ball industry. Way no more to this 4-1. He may have got to. Let's let the rest figure it out.