The Rush: Jimmy Garoppolo went on a date with…who?

Carmelo Anthony got the hell out of dodge as the OKC Thunder traded him to the Hawks on Thursday. You won’t see ‘Melo on Peachtree Street anytime soon, as Atlanta is expected to buy out the 15-year NBA veteran’s contract, allowing him to enter the free market.  Rumor has it he’ll end up in Miami or Houston, but we’ll have to wait until the ink has dried on a contract.

The latest NFL jersey sales numbers are in, and there’s a surprise best-seller on the list.  Watch the video to see who ripped the No. 1 spot from ol’ Tom Brady’s still-sturdy grip.  Also on the Top 10 jersey list?  Tom’s former backup, Jimmy Garoppolo .

The 49ers franchise QB has made headlines all off-season, thanks to the laundry list of women he’s been spotted with out on the town.  Jimmy’s latest date was with Kiara Mia, a successful adult film actress.  From The Rush to the happy couple, cheers and L’chaim!

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