The Rush: J.J. Watt on brotherly competition, Big Ten expansion, NIL and sack dances

Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt is on The Rush, dishing on the best brothers to ever play in the NFL, his ‘Mount Rushmore’ of sacked quarterbacks, trying to get his groove back with on-field dancing, why he’s looking forward to watching USC and UCLA play in an expanded Big Ten Conference and his dream NIL deal, had such a thing existed when he was in college. Plus, J.J. is supporting the Player of the Year program in partnership with Gatorade.

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: Lately, I feel like you're getting your [INAUDIBLE]. You're not dancing, man. What's up with that?

JJ WATT: Well, A, I saw a video of myself doing those dance moves, and I decided that it was probably a better decision that I stopped. And, B, I can't keep up with the TikTok trends and all the dance moves today, so I don't even know what I'm supposed to do when I get a sack. I don't think the whip and the Nae Nae is still in. So I got to learn something new.

- JJ Watt getting some dance lessons.

JARED QUAY: What's up, everybody? I'm here with Cardinals defensive end JJ Watt. Glad to have you back on the show, JJ. How you doing?

JJ WATT: Great, man. How are you doing?

JARED QUAY: I'm doing great, man. First thing I got to ask is how is your pregnant wife, Kealia, feeling and how are you avoiding getting dad bod before the season?

JJ WATT: [LAUGHS] She's doing great. She's doing unbelievable. She's feeling great, and I avoid getting dad bod by trying to keep up with her. She is still working out. She's 6 and 1/2 months pregnant. She's working out every day, and she's doing all this stuff. So I mean, I got to try and stay looking good myself. I'm trying.

- Whoa, sweet bod.

JARED QUAY: You and your two brothers are all NFL players. Excluding the Watt family, who do you think are the best brothers to ever play in the NFL?

JJ WATT: That is-- it's got to be Peyton and Eli. I mean, I feel like it has to be, a few Super Bowls between them, guys who have done unbelievable job, and obviously, their father as well. So I'll tip of the cap to the Mannings.

JARED QUAY: How competitive is the brother aspect? I mean, I know it's all love, but I mean, is he like, oh, he got four sacks this week. I got to get three next week?

JJ WATT: You know better than anybody how competitive the brother aspect is. It is unbelievably competitive. We are competing in everything, whether it's pickleball or sacks.

JARED QUAY: I was just saying, me and my brother have combined for 93 and a half sacks in the NFL. What's our likelihood of catching you and TJ?

JJ WATT: You just got to get out there. You got to get back out there and start contributing a little more, carrying a little more of the load, take it off [INAUDIBLE] the back [INAUDIBLE]

JARED QUAY: I'm in the crowds, cheering him, sock them this time, so I'm helping him, doing my part.

- He's doing the best.

JARED QUAY: You sack so many quarterbacks in your career, but I want to know who's your Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks you sack.

JJ WATT: Oh man, that's a great question. I mean, Tom, I only got him once in the playoffs, but Tom's up there. Peyton obviously is up there. Aaron Rodgers, my first ever sack, Drew Brees, off the Drew Brees [INAUDIBLE].

JARED QUAY: That's like a GOAT Mount Rushmore that you sacked. What do you think about the Big Ten adding USC and UCLA? Is that good for football?

JJ WATT: It blew my mind a little bit. I mean, when I first got rumblings of the news, that's a bit of a shock factor there. I think the entire landscape is changing so much it's crazy. I mean, personally as a fan of Big Ten, having come from the Big Ten, I'm excited to see the game between USC, UCLA. And I hope we get like an 11:00 AM kick off in Camp Randall when it's snowing, and USC has to come rolling into town. I'm looking forward to that.

JARED QUAY: I mean, college football has changed completely, especially with NIL deals. So my question to you is, what kind of NIL deal would you have loved to got when you were playing at Wisconsin?

JJ WATT: I mean, when I was at Wisconsin? I mean, I would have wanted whoever would give me free cheese curds and brats. I mean, that's what I would have taken all day long. Maybe somebody that would do my laundry, that would probably would have been a big one for me. But yeah, Culver's, I think Culver's back in Wisconsin would have been a bit an [INAUDIBLE] deal for me. Some free custard, I was trying to gain weight anyway, so free custard and cheese curds would have been good.

JARED QUAY: You've partnered with Gatorade for several years now making dope-ass commercials--

- Muscle shirts for muscles.

JARED QUAY: --and supporting the Player of the Year program. What excitement do you get from taking part in this program?

JJ WATT: It's very exciting, man. Gatorade has been so good to me over the years and obviously, have been a huge part of my journey throughout my entire life, not just my NFL life. I mean, I've been drinking Gatorade since I started playing hockey when I was three years old. So to be here, seeing these athletes who are at the top of their game and are going to go on to do unbelievable things, not only on the field, but in their communities, it's really special to be a part of it, to be able to see that next generation, what they're going to go on to accomplish.

JARED QUAY: Well, look, man, I appreciate you rushing with me, JJ. I look forward to you on the field and Instagram because I'll be waiting to see how Finley and Tex handle the new baby in the family.

JJ WATT: I appreciate it, man. Thank you so much. Have a great time.