The Rush: Harden heads to Brooklyn, joins KD and Kyrie for must-see hoops

After behaving poorly and begging for a one-way ticket out of Houston, James Harden finally forced the Rockets’ hand and is now heading east in a trade to the Brooklyn Nets. Harden joins former teammate Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, leaving us wondering how Steve Nash will possibly get the ball in everyone’s hands. Good luck, Steve! Although at the rate at which the NBA is postponing games because of coronavirus, who knows when this new Big Three will actually hit the court together. Whenever it does happen, we’re here for it!

Video Transcript

- January 13, 2021 is gonna be one of these days that does live in infamy.

- Everybody stand by. There's a lot more unfolding on this truly historic day.


JARED QUAY: This was years in the making. I mean, he went too far. And finally his actions had consequences. James Harden has finally been traded from the Rockets and he's headed to Brooklyn.

- Wait, what?

JARED QUAY: And this wasn't just any trade. It's a four-team trade with all kinds of pieces moving around.

- Check and mate.

JARED QUAY: But the bottom line is we're gonna see Harden, KD, and Kyrie all on the same squad.

- One big happy family.

JARED QUAY: Yeah, tell that to the Rockets. The Beard has been doing the most to force Houston's hand since the beginning of this season. First he didn't bother showing up to the Rockets' training camp. And then when he did show up to work, he looked like he was wearing a Professor Klump costume. Whoever's his makeup guy, they need to win an Oscar.

- Well, thank you very much. I'm fatter.

JARED QUAY: But, nah, he probably just been eating wings as some of H-Town's finest adult establishments-- enough wings to put one of them waitresses through college. You know? And when all of that still wasn't enough to get him on a new team, he went with the nuclear option on Tuesday night.

- I love this city. I literally have done everything that I can. You know? I mean, the situation is crazy. It's something that I don't think can be fixed.

JARED QUAY: It can't be fixed because my guy broke it. Just check out Boogie Cousins said.

- Just the approach to the training camp, showing up the way he did, the antics off the court-- I mean, the disrespect started way before. So this isn't something that all of a sudden happened last night.

JARED QUAY: You know who is happy to have Harden as a teammate? Kevin Durant. Oh, man, that's from 12 years ago. Never mind. Harden's OKC reunification tour part one didn't go over so well with Russell Westbrook. Maybe part two will be smoother in Brooklyn.

I am worried about something though-- the health of Steve Nash. I mean, let's be honest. This guy is in his first year as a head coach and now he has to figure out how to get the ball between Kyrie, Harden, and Kevin Durant's hands? That would give me a ulcer. I'm just saying. Good luck, Steve. You gonna need it.

I'm hoping to see the big three finally in the flesh on Saturday when they take on the Magic. But Kyrie's missed the last few games. He's probably on some flat earth fact-finding mission. And with the way the NBA's been canceling games because of COVID-19, we might not get to see these three play together until next season.

Three of Wednesdays games were postponed. And some of Friday's games are getting shelved to, which has got me thinking. Either we need to get back to a bubble or get some players ready to bubbleize themselves to get in the game if needed. See about that.

I've been working on my jump shot and I'm thinking that maybe I can be out there. Just put me in a "Big Brother" mansion, and then put me in the game, Coach. I'm sure I can get one bucket. I might could get two.