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The Rush: Embiid, Harden and Butler sizzle as 76ers cool Heat, tie series

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Joel Embiid and James Harden led the 76ers to a series-tying Game 4 win over the Heat despite Jimmy Butler dropping 40 points. Dorian Finney-Smith hit 8 triples to help the Mavericks beat the Suns in Game 4, evening their series at two wins each. Max Verstappen won the Miami Grand Prix, but the real story was all the Sports GOAT appearances. And the New York Mets released Robinson Cano, still owing the 8-time All-Star a lot of money… which sounds really familiar. PLUS: A Sky Sports reporter confused Duke Star Paolo Banchero for one of the best NFL quarterbacks.

Video Transcript


- Harden!


JARED QUAY: Sunday's NBA playoff action was fantastic as always. And a couple of guys straight up balled out. Let's check out the game's electrifying action, presented by Chevrolet and the all-electric Chevy Bolt EUV. With the all-electric Bolt EUV, making the switch to electric is easier than expected.

Game 4 between the Heat and 76ers was a battle of the stars. Jimmy Butler was efficient as hell, pouring in 40 points on 13 for 20 shooting.

- Here's Jimmy Butler working against Embiid. Just brilliant. [LAUGHS]

JARED QUAY: But when Joel Embiid does this--

- And so far so good. 3 to shoot. Embiid's going to fire. Not sure he called [INAUDIBLE], but he'll take the triple.

JARED QUAY: --and James Harden could not miss--

- Harden on a tough step-back splash!

JARED QUAY: --well, that's a recipe for the Heat to melt down the stretch as the 76ers got the 116-108 victory, tying the series at two games apiece. Over in the Western Conference, Luka Doncic might get all the headlines for the Mavericks' win. But in game 4 against the Suns, it was Dorian Finney-Smith who provided the lift.

- Who?

JARED QUAY: Finney-Smith went 8 for 12 from deep for 24 points and a career playoff high.

- Heat check--

- Oh, wow.

- --Finney-Smith. Fire!


Finney-Smith, fire!

JARED QUAY: Of course, getting the Suns' point guard Chris Paul to file out early in the fourth quarter probably helped the Mavs' chances a little bit. Now, I'm no expert, but I'm having a really hard time seeing where is the actual foul?

- Where are your glasses?

JARED QUAY: It all led to a 111 to 101 win for the Dallas Mavericks, and the series tied up at two games apiece. We'll see who brings the electrifying action in game 5 of those series. And if you're looking for electricity off the court, check out the all-electric Chevy Bolt EUV.

The eyes of the world were focused on Florida.

- What did they do?

JARED QUAY: They hosted Formula 1's Miami Grand Prix.

- Hoo.

JARED QUAY: You know the race was a big deal. Look at all the GOATs gathering in the same spot. But the craziest thing that happened was when a Sky Sports reporter confused Duke star Paolo Banchero for NFL superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

- OK, it's not Patrick. That's why he ignored me in the beginning. But what is your name, sir?

PAOLO BANCHERO: Paolo Banchero.

- Right, OK. Well, I thought I was talking to somebody else.


- So I'm sorry about that. Whatever.

JARED QUAY: Man, that's embarrassing, confusing someone for someone else on live TV. Ooh, makes me cringe. On another note, I'm glad Chris Matthews was able to land another job. Good for him. Then there was the race itself.

- And Max Verstappen wins in Miami.

JARED QUAY: Last year's F1 champ, Max Verstappen, held off this year's points leader, Charles Leclerc, to get his third win of the season. Good win, Max. But I didn't see you in the GOATs photo. So awkward.

If you're bad with money, just remember the New York Mets are definitely worse. They just released eight-time All-Star Robinson Canó and still owe him more than $37 million. Just a reminder, the Mets are the team that still pays Bobby Bonilla $1.19 million every July 1 until 2035.

- Doh!

JARED QUAY: Mind you, the Seattle Mariners also owe Canó about $7.5 million on an existing contract in addition to what the Mets owe on the exact same contract.

- All righty then.

JARED QUAY: Not gonna lie. That's a pretty sweet deal for Canó, getting paid to do absolutely nothing. That's the American dream right there. I mean, obviously, I would do that for like $200,000. Really do it for 75,000, to do nothing. But he's getting $37 million plus $7.5. I mean that's more million than what I'll ever do in my whole life. I mean, I'd work on railroad tracks for that.