The Rush: If Elon Musk buys Twitter, Tom Brady wants ‘combine photo’ removed

Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry is expected to play in Game 1 against the Denver Nuggets. If Elon Musk is successful in his bid to buy Twitter, Tom Brady has asked him to get the infamous shirtless combine photo removed from the platform. And new Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has bought a home in Denver for $25 million, which is a record for the Colorado city. PLUS: Stephen Curry doubles down on being all set when it comes to potentially playing with LeBron James.

Video Transcript

DRAYMOND GREEN: LeBron says the other day, he has one guy in the NBA right now he wants to play with. That player happens to be you. And I know I saw the other day, where you said-- you laughed about it. It was like, oh, I'm good. But don't get me the laugh, I'm good. Like, take me deeper into what you were really thinking when you first heard that.

JARED QUAY: There's good news, Warriors fans. Steph Curry is expected to play in game 1 against the Nuggets on Saturday.

- Yes!

JARED QUAY: The chef known as Steph has been out since March 16 with a sprained ligament and bone bruise in his left foot.

- That sounds so painful.

JARED QUAY: Oh, it is. I'm sure. But wait, Warriors fans, because there's more good news. Remember a few weeks ago when LeBron said this?

LEBRON JAMES: Steph Curry is the one that I want to play with.

JARED QUAY: And Curry responded to that with a--

STEPHEN CURRY: I'm good right now.

JARED QUAY: Well, Curry doubled down on the "Draymond Green Show."

STEPHEN CURRY: There's a real-- realism of, like, that's why I said I'm good right now, it's just you can never let your mind go from what you know is your situation, where it is your moment, your time, and who I've been rocking with from day one.

JARED QUAY: There you have it. Warriors fans can relax. You don't have to worry about LeBron joining your team for four years and then leaving it in ruins like he's been known to do. If you haven't heard, ultra mega rich dude Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter. Now there's a lot of social and political landscape, and that might occur if the sale is to go through.

But we're not here to talk about that. We're a sports show. We're here to discuss the heartfelt request of Mr. Tom Brady. The recently unretired GOAT has asked the future potential owner of Twitter Elon Musk to delete the combine photo. That photo is the infamous shirtless pic of younger Tom Brady, pre-TB12 method, at the 2000 NFL draft combine.

I know, it's hideous. But that photo is part of our history. In fact, it's a big part of the Tom Brady story. That guy became the GOAT. So I'm just saying, this photo wouldn't be going anywhere. It gives us all hope. We need these reminders that TB12 is, in fact, human.

- [? Does ?] he know?

JARED QUAY: Let's end today's show with the Russell Wilson record. No, he didn't break any football records, not yet anyway. The new Broncos quarterback just bought a home in Denver for $25 million.

- That's a lot of money.

- It sure is. And $25 million is a new record for a home sold in Denver. The previous record was a $16 million penthouse sold in 2020.

- I mean, that's a lot of money.

JARED QUAY: So what does $25 million get Russ and [? Sierra? ?] A luxurious, two-story, four-bedroom, 12-bathroom home, with a home theater, a pool, and a nine-car garage. Why does a family of four need 12 bathrooms? What the hell are they eating for dinner? 17 enchiladas each?

I mean, they don't need that many bathrooms. I mean, that means your closet got two bathrooms. The gym got three bathrooms. And the front door got a bathroom, just in case anybody delivering mail needs to use the restroom. I mean, 12 bathrooms is more than you get in your average mall.