The Rush: Drew Brees has a bone to pick with his Madden rating

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Madden recently released its player ratings for the 2019 edition of the game, bruising egos across the NFL. Jaguars stud running back Leonard Fournette was so unhappy with his rating that he tweeted at EA Sports asking to be removed from the game all together.  The Rush’s own Jared Quay asked Drew Brees about his ratings and the Saints QB gave the fine folks at Madden a piece of his mind.  Check the video to see Brees take EA to task!

Meanwhile, Las Vegas is gearing up for the Kawhi Leonard Sweepstakes at the Sportsbook.  With rumors of Kawhi’s unhappiness in San Antonio, NBA fans and gamblers alike wait on news of where Kawhi will play next season.  Watch the video to see what city is the odds-on favorite to land Kawhi.

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