The Rush: Dinwiddie buzzer-beater sinks Nets as Ben Simmons’ debut postponed

A wild game between the Mavericks and Nets ended with a Spencer Dinwittie buzzer-beater, sinking the Nets in Brooklyn. The Nets were without unvaccinated star Kyrie Irving, who is barred from playing in home games and Ben Simmons, who after being traded by the 76ers in February, is suffering from a back injury. Russell Wilson gave an introductory press conference with the Denver Broncos while his old team, the Seattle Seahawks, is a preferred destination for Colin Kaepernick. Pete Carroll was full of surprises when asked about his thoughts on the former NFL star QB. Plus, Notre Dame and Wright State are the final teams to make it into the men’s field of 64 as March Madness is officially underway!

Video Transcript

- Clocks it on the switch. Now draws the double. Gives it up. Dinwiddie for 3. And it goes down. Back-to-back game-winners by Spencer Dinwiddie.


- Notre Dame and Wright State rounded out the end of the first four last night, so you know what that means.

- What's that?

- We about to go full Men's Tourney March Madness today, baby.


I can't wait to see the most exciting hoops of the month, but you know who won't be seeing the hardwood anytime soon? Ben Simmons. The Brooklyn Nets are saying they hope Ben Simmons will play a few games before the NBA playoffs begin a month from now.

- Nobody's taking that bet.

- The Nets have hoped to have Simmons suiting up this week, but he's got a back injury that's been bothering him since he was traded to the team in February. His back be hurting bad enough that he had to get an epidural shot. Yes, the one women get to lessen the pain of childbirth.

- Oh, God.

- With that in mind, when is Kyrie getting the jab? Brooklyn's going to need him every damn game. So either New York change its mandate or Kyrie get jabbed, but I can't do this on and off stuff. All right? Pick a side. On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos introduced its new starting quarterback, Russell Wilson.

- I always say to myself as I'm walking the field, is this will be the last time somebody sees me. This could be the last time somebody sees me play. And how do I want them to remember me playing?

- Damn, Russ. You ain't played a single snap for my home team Broncos, and you already talking about hanging them up?

- So no matter what the score is, no matter how much we're up or how much we're down, we've got to come back because we're never really out of it, just so you know.

- Hold up. Now Russ is talking about how the team's going to be playing from behind? I mean, it's better than him not playing at all. But dang, way to set the bar low, my guy.

- I'm doing my best here.

- Russ' departure from Seattle leaves the Seahawks without an A-list quarterback for the first time in over a decade. But according to Pete Carroll, there's a QB1 on line one. Seattle's head coach said Colin Kaepernick contacted him asking for a tryout with the Seahawks.


(SINGING) Call me on my cell phone.

Carroll said Kap deserves a second chance. Oh wow. That's OK. What else did Pete say? Carroll says he doesn't know if that second chance would be in Seattle.


I got excited for a minute, man. Hey, Pete Carroll, quit messing with my emotions. Listen, if I got to hear that same old tired bit about Kap not fitting into Seattle's offense, take a look at the quarterbacks they got on the roster right now. You think Jacob Eason is a great fit for the offense? I don't even know who the hell Jacob Eason is, no offense, man. I mean, the depth chart only has Drew Lock listed at quarterback anyways. So I'm simply saying I think Seattle will be a damn good fit for Kap.

- Like a glove.

- I'm sure Kap would love to be hanging out at the Fish Market, on the Space Needle. I mean, who knows, maybe Kap can work a deal out with the sun and bring some sunshine to Seattle. That's what they need. You ever heard that new show, "It's Always Sunny in Seattle?" That's what happens when Colin Kaepernick plays for Seattle. The year before now, they hate you. But if you beat him, it's a win-win.