The Rush: Cowboys decimated by COVID and Brian Kelly leaves ND for LSU

The Washington Football Team held off the Seattle Seahawks 17-15 on Monday Night Football, the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff has been decimated by COVID and Mike McCarthy will not coach on Thursday night against the New Orleans Saints, the Los Angeles Dodgers have lost Corey Seager to the Texas Rangers and Max Scherzer to the New York Mets, and the tense buildup to the rematch between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets, which was sparked by Nikola Jokic pushing Marcus Morris a few weeks ago, was much ado about nothing. PLUS: we wonder if Lincoln Riley or Brian Kelly are available to coach the Dallas Cowboys before they take over at USC and LSU?

Video Transcript

- Wilson, all sorts of time, throws, and it is intercepted! Intercepted! Kendall Fuller will seal the game for Washington!

JARED QUAY: There's something in the water in Dallas, and that's something is definitely COVID. The Cowboys are in the middle of a huge outbreak right now, and head coach Mike McCarthy will miss Thursday's game against the Saints after testing positive. And it ain't just Mike though. Offensive line coach Joe Philbin, conditioning coach Kendall Smith, and Offensive Assistant Scott Tolson will all miss Thursday's game too.

- Holy moly.

JARED QUAY: And that's just on the coaching side. Wideout Amari Cooper and offensive tackle Terrence Steele are in COVID protocols, and there probably are more. I just want to know are there going to be any coaches left on the Cowboys sideline by the time Thursday rolls around.

- It doesn't look good.

JARED QUAY: Good thing. I know, the perfect guy who can abandon his current coaching gig, jump on a private plane at the drop of a hat. Lincoln Riley could probably be in Dallas before lunchtime tomorrow. Or Brian Kelly can make a detour before he heads down to LSU.

Free agency is off and running in Major League Baseball, and the Dodgers are down in the dumps. LA shortstop Corey Seager got snatched up by the Texas Rangers for a team record 10 years, $325 million deal. We should mention that along with signing Marcus Semien and Jon Gray, the Rangers have already spent the most money ever on free agency.

- Holy cow.

JARED QUAY: Then the Dodgers lost trade deadline acquisition Max Scherzer to the New York Mets. By the way, at 3 years, $130 million, Scherzer will make the most money per season ever. The Los Angeles Dodgers are losing guys to record breaking deals faster than you can say--

- Let's go, Dodgers!

JARED QUAY: And these other teams are spending money like the Yankees. Dodgers better watch out. They can be going from hero to zero real fast.

Last night was the rematch we've all been waiting for, and I'm not talking about McGregor versus Mayweather, or Ali versus Frazier, or Rocky versus Drago. No, no. I'm talking about the Jokics versus the Morrises.

The Nuggets came into Miami for the rematch, and the Jokic bros were positioned strategically right behind the Nuggets bench.

- Awkward.

JARED QUAY: Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately for us viewers, there was no ruckus in this game. Everyone behaved themselves and went home happy and unbruised after the Nuggets snapped a six-game losing streak. But we'd been pretty naive to think that everything between the Morris twins and the Jokic brothers is all hunky dory.

Mark my words. I don't know when, I don't know where, but these guys will battle, all right? Maybe it's gonna be in a movie. I mean, honestly, there's three of them, though. We need to get like, two sets of twins because they're like big guys when you match them up. Maybe it's the Jokic Twins and the Olson Twins? Nah, that wouldn't work I don't think.