The Rush: Cowboys crush Eagles and Eli flips a double bird

The Dallas Cowboys downed the Philadelphia Eagles 41-21 on Monday Night Football behind Dak Prescott’s three touchdowns. Elsewhere, former Cowboy WR Dez Bryant called out Colin Kaepernick, Josh Gordon signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, and NBA media day was in full swing as Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal both responded to questions about their refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19. PLUS: Eli Manning flipped birds and Kevin Durant explains ‘KD’ to David Letterman.

Video Transcript

- Third and 1. Dak to throw for it. Got Schultz, first down and more. Schultz cuts it back in and into the end zone. Touchdown, Cowboys.


JARED CAMPBELL: That was the Eagles defense resembling something close to Swiss cheese because they was soft as hell-- and not just on that play. Dak Prescott threw for 3 touchdowns, and Ezekiel Elliott ran for 2 more, as the whole Cowboys offense was clicking.

- Touchdown, Cowboys

JARED CAMPBELL: Philly, on the other hand, did not click at all. The Eagles racked up 12 penalties. Well, it might have been more, but that's when I stopped counting. In fact, the only Eagles flying on Monday night were Eli Manning's double bird.

ELI MANNING: And you're getting a double bird right away from a nine-year-old kid.

PEYTON MANNING: Do it. Do it. Let's see it. Do it.

ELI MANNING: I would give the bird. I don't know. Can we do that? Can you-- I'm sure you can blur that out, right?

JARED CAMPBELL: And I don't think Eli knows how live TV works. No worries though, Eli. "The Rush" has you covered-- literally. Former Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant appeared on the "I Am Athlete" podcast and called out Colin Kaepernick? Wait, what?

DEZ BRYANT: I respect Colin Kaepernick. But brother, you had the biggest opportunity in the world to create jobs, build jobs, give jobs to people. Where you at? I ain't heard from you.

JARED CAMPBELL: Oh, I guess Dez is mad because Kaep hasn't done enough to support the movement he ignited. OK, so I suppose Dez has done a ton himself to create jobs he wanted Kaep to create, right? Elsewhere in the NFL, the rich keep getting richer. The Chiefs have signed recently reinstated wide receiver Josh Gordon, who is back after his eighth suspension. Gordon won't have to worry about catching no-look passes from Pat Mahomes right away, as he'll join the practice squad to get up to speed.

On Monday the NBA suited up for Media Day, and boy, oh boy was it a doozy. First, Kyrie Irving missed Media Day activities on Monday due to New York City's COVID-19 health and safety regulations. However, he did get on a Zoom call with reporters and when asked the inevitable COVID vaccination question his response was--

KYRIE IRVING: I appreciate your questions, bro. Honestly, I like to keep that stuff private.

JARED CAMPBELL: And you think that's bad, not only did Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal said he's not vaccinated, he said he really didn't get sick when he caught COVID-19.

BRADLEY BEAL: I didn't get sick at all. I lost my smell.

JARED CAMPBELL: Uhh, so losing one of your five senses doesn't constitute as getting sick?

- That's not right.

JARED CAMPBELL: He then basically said all vaccines do is prevent hospitalizations and death, as if that's not literally the most important thing. You know, to not die? Now unlike his Brooklyn teammate, Kevin Durant was at Media Day, and he received some interesting questions from some guy named Dave.

DAVID LETTERMAN: KD, why do people call you "KD?" Can I call you KD?



KEVIN DURANT: My first name is Kevin with a K.


KEVIN DURANT: And my second name-- my last name-- my second name-- my last name is Durant with a D.


JARED CAMPBELL: Oh! Hey, that's David Letterman! Dave asked Durant if you would play for the Knicks on his day off. [LAUGHS] That's a good one. Dave always asks the best questions. Yeah, you know, I wish we would get KD on "The Rush." Man, I would love that too, man. I want to ask him some really dope, funny questions and serious questions. Like yo, Durant, why you don't brush your hair?