The Rush: Chiefs hammer Raiders, Cam Newton and Cowboys crush the opposition

The Chiefs kick the Raiders while they’re down, the Cowboys bounce back with a vengeance and Cam Newton makes his presence known in his season debut. Week 10 brought a range of surprises to the gridiron, from the Washington Football Team’s big upset to a stellar Patriots performance and the unexpected play of both Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Plus, the Detroit Lions are The Rush’s “Winner of the Week…” even though they didn’t win, as Liz Loza explains!

Video Transcript


- Mahomes, ton of time, escapes, throws to the end zone. It's Williams there, and he makes the grab!

- Oh, my goodness.

- Darrell Williams

LIZ LOZA: That was the chief's topping the Raiders in an AFC West showdown. That division truly is the wild wild west.


Speaking of Cowboys, Dallas bounced back from their week 9 loss to the Broncos in a huge way against the poor Falcons.

- Prescott unloading end zone-- caught by Lamb! Touchdown!

LIZ LOZA: But the Cowboys weren't even the best comeback story on Sunday.

- McCaffrey split out wide to the right. Newton takes the snap, and he is in for a Panthers touchdown!

LIZ LOZA: Last Sunday Cam Newton was unemployed and watching football from his couch. Yesterday, Cam scored two touchdowns in two snaps for his old team, helping the Panthers pounce on the Cardinals who are without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins.

CAM NEWTON: I'm back!

- Yeah!

CAM NEWTON: I'm back!

LIZ LOZA: Week 10 was full of surprises.

- Buckle up.

LIZ LOZA: Like the two and six Washington Football Team flipping the script on Tom Brady's six and two Bucs, getting the upset win.

- Oh, that's out of the hands of Jordan, and William Jackson flies in to take it away!

LIZ LOZA: And Tom's old squad, the New England Patriots, clobbered the Cleveland Browns behind a three-touchdown, zero-pick performance from Mac Jones.

- Touchdown!

LIZ LOZA: Ooh, and speaking of firepower under center, there was none of that in the Seahawks-Packers game.

- Zing.

LIZ LOZA: The return of Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers yielded a combined zero touchdowns in the QB column in a snooze fest that Green Bay won. My NFL winner of the Week award goes to a team that didn't technically win, but they didn't lose either.

- Lions, baby!

LIZ LOZA: The win-less Detroit Lions had a golden opportunity to take down the big Ben-less Steelers in week 10--

[MUSIC - ADELE, "ROLLING IN THE DEEP] (SINGING) We could have had it all! You're gonna wish you never had--

--but missed what would have been the game winning field goal in overtime.

- Sounds about right.

LIZ LOZA: So the game ended in a tie.

- That's one [INAUDIBLE] ugly tie.

LIZ LOZA: Yes, Leo. It is. But you know what it isn't? A loss. Look on the bright side. The Lions snapped a 12-game losing streak. Oh, then again, now that there's 17 regular season games, the Lions could still have another 16-loss season.


Ooh, sorry, Detroit.