The Rush: Chargers bolt past Raiders, Bubba Wallace makes NASCAR history

After a rain delay, the Los Angeles Chargers held off a Las Vegas Raiders comeback for a 28-14 victory on Monday Night Football. In other news, Urban Meyer awkwardly apologized for “dancing” video, the Feds raided the Washington Football Team’s Performance Center, and Bubba Wallace made NASCAR history with a win at Talladega. PLUS: The rain was a factor for both NASCAR and NFL… did it also contribute to the biggest controversy of the day?

Video Transcript

- From the 10, Herbert fires back of the end zone! It is caught for the touchdown!

JARED QUAY: Yo, is this thing on? Oh, man. Have we been taken down like Facebook and Instagram? Yo! Oh, we're still here, baby! Facebook and Instagram, we're here. Y'all are not!

- Oh, snap.

JARED QUAY: Facebook and Instagram aside, yesterday was [BLEEP] weird, y'all. First, Monday Night Football player because of a rare thunderstorm in LA.

- Are you kidding me?

JARED QUAY: But that didn't stop the Chargers from putting the beat down on the Raiders at SoFi.

- Ekeler breaking away! End zone, touchdown!

JARED QUAY: Next step on weird Monday, Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer was caught on camera doing this over the weekend.


And you know he had to apologize for that.

URBAN MEYER: I just apologize to the team and staff and for being a distraction. It's stupid.

JARED QUAY: Talk about awkward. Meyer also mentioned giving advice to Trevor Lawrence when his quarterback went to Vegas for his bachelor party.

- Snitches get stitches.

JARED QUAY: Hey, Urban! Do me a favor. I got some advice for you. Don't give any more advice.

- Yeah, enough is enough.

JARED QUAY: And if you think that was weird, apparently the Washington Football Team Sports Performance Center was raided by the feds last week.

- Oh, no. It's the cops!

JARED QUAY: The US Drug Enforcement Administration was behind the raid in what's been an ongoing investigation tied to head trainer Ryan Vermillion, who's been placed on leave by the team.

- Obviously.

JARED QUAY: The good news? The investigation isn't tied to the team at all. So breathe easy, football team fans. Actually, the team's doing kind of bad. Don't take it easy. Y'all need to cheer.

Let's end the show on something a little more wholesome. NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace got his first career win at Talladega, and it was history making as he became the second black driver to win a Cup Series race and the first since 1963. The victory came after NASCAR called the race just over the halfway mark because of rain, and Bubba celebrated like a champ.


- Yes!


- Yeah!


- Yeah!

- Let's go!


JARED QUAY: And here he is with his dog after the win. I told you this would be a wholesome ending. But I just want to point out that rain was involved. Rain helped delay the Chargers-Raiders game. Are we thinking that global warming right now, guys?

I mean, maybe rain's behind Facebook and Instagram being down. Actually, I think they're behind the rain because you never know about Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook's always doing something. They got new Facebook rain. Just in case you ever break up with your girl, you can make it rain on her house so she don't go nowhere.