The Rush: Celtics mum on details of season-long suspension of head coach Udoka

After nearly 24 hours of speculation on social media, the Boston Celtics announced that head coach Ime Udoka will serve a season-long suspension for “violations of team policies.” Aaron Judge is stuck at 60 home runs after being walked three times against the Red Sox on Thursday night in a Yankees extra innings win, Steelers rookie George Pickens submits himself as a ‘catch of the year’ candidate in Pittsburgh’s loss to the Browns on Thursday Night Football and Kyle Kuzma is getting the athlete bobblehead treatment in a surprising and unexpected way. Plus, it seems like the Red Sox want no part of Aaron Judge’s quest for history, but even if the Yankee slugger does log HR no. 61 against Boston, millions of fans might not see it.

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: Aaron Judge is stuck on 60.

- Aaron Judge, center field, way back, but Hernandez is there.

JARED QUAY: OK, stuck's a bit of an exaggeration. But the Yankee star's last home run happened on Tuesday as the world awaits number 61, which would tie Roger Maris' revered mark. In a 10-inning victory, Judge failed to reach number 61 last night against the Red Sox. And based on how they pitched to Judge, it seems to be by design. New York's bitter rival walked judge three of his five at-bats, signaling they'd rather not be attached to this particular stat in the record books.

- Let's go, Red Sox!

JARED QUAY: The Sox and Yanks are playing a 4-game series, so you think the odds are low that Judge would go for entire games without a home run. But he did have a 9-game dinger drought back in August, so.

- Anything's possible.

JARED QUAY: Even if Judge nets number 61 against the Sox, it's possible not a lot of people will see it happen.

- Because?

JARED QUAY: Because tonight's game is being shown exclusively on the streaming service Apple TV Plus.

- Can't keep track.

JARED QUAY: Good news, though, you don't actually need to be a paying subscriber to watch Apple TV Plus Friday Night Baseball games. All you need is the internet and a web browser. You're welcome!


Meanwhile, there's a lot we don't know about what's going on in Boston with the Celtics. After about 24 hours of rumors and speculation on Twitter, the Celtics announced the suspension of head coach Ime Udoka for the entire 2022-2023 NBA season.

- What the hell did he do?

JARED QUAY: I have no fricking clue and I ain't about to start guessing. The Celtics say their second-year head coach violated team policies and that the decision about his future with the team will be made later.

- That's so vague.

JARED QUAY: It sure is. So I'd rather talk about a controversial topic that I can actually have an informed opinion on. Whether or not Kyle Kuzma is a fashion icon.

- I didn't see that coming!

JARED QUAY: Kyle's status as a fashion king is official, with Washington scheduling this promotional bobblehead with Kuz wearing his infamous oversized pink sweater. Kuzma deserves his fashion forward flowers, no doubt. But if we're gonna start this trend, the world deserves a Russell Westbrook suit shorts bobblehead. I mean, Russ walked through the door so that Kuz could run.