The Rush: Cam Akers on Rams SB defense, playing QB and Jackson water crisis

Rams running back Cam Akers is on The Rush, chatting with Jared about winning a Super Bowl and defending L.A.’s title, his unlikely comeback from an achilles tear, putting his quarterbacking skills from high school to good use in the NFL, his confidence in his alma mater Florida State being better than the rival University of Miami (where Jared played college football) and how the Jackson, MS water crisis hits close to home. Plus, Cam is taking care of his body with the help of Sleep Number, revealing which mattress he uses and his sleep number!

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: In high school, you were named Mississippi's Gatorade Player of the Year as a quarterback, and so my question is why is Sean McVay not letting you get any halfback passes? Why you not throwing no touchdowns out there in the streets?

CAM AKERS: Just stay tuned. You never know what might happen.

JARED QUAY: Who has a better arm? You or Odell Beckham?

CAM AKERS: Me, of course. I'm going to say me.



JARED QUAY: What's up, everybody? I'm here with reigning Super Bowl champion, Cam Akers of the Los Angeles Rams. How are you doing today, Cam?

CAM AKERS: I'm doing good. How about you, man?

JARED QUAY: Man, you are a Super Bowl champion already. Like what has changed? Like what's the most unique opportunity you've had since winning the Super Bowl?

CAM AKERS: I want to say any unique opportunities other than doing talk shows and doing stuff like this, man, but just another opportunity to work, try to go get another.

JARED QUAY: How often do you wear the ring?

CAM AKERS: I keep it in this-- Oh.



JARED QUAY: Last season, you defied the odds by returning into the same season from an Achilles tare. Like do you have regeneration powers? Like are you a superhuman? That never has been heard of, so how did that go about?

CAM AKERS: Man, I'm blessed, man God on my side, great trainers, great staff, and I was able to come back in like 5 and 1/2 months. So it's unheard of.

JARED QUAY: If your team didn't go to the Super Bowl, you probably wouldn't had came back, so it was kind of y'all working together to make sure that worked for each other.

CAM AKERS: It worked out.

- Ugh, big time, yeah.

JARED QUAY: You played at Florida State. I'm not going to say anything, but I went to the University of Miami. Both of our teams kind of underachieved last year, but we both want to know now, who do you think has a better season? Be honest.

CAM AKERS: Florida State? Was you is expecting me to say Miami?

JARED QUAY: Yeah, I just thought you was going to be honest, but I see we're going to have-- bias always has something.

CAM AKERS: [INAUDIBLE] saw how we did it. We just beat LSU, man. Come on now. [INAUDIBLE]

JARED QUAY: You guys, miracle past LSU. You were live tweeting it. You did a lot of tweets about it, man, and kept me in tune with it, man. One thing that's super important to playing well on the field is a good night's sleep. What is your secret to good sleep?

CAM AKERS: Obviously, you've got to have a good bed to sleep in. I'm a partner with Sleep Number. The whole team here at the Rams organization partner with Sleep Number. Just having that bed to fit the firmness that I need to be, the temperature that I need to be, having everything I need to recover the right way, to prepare for the next day. I use Sleep Number, man.

JARED QUAY: I got to ask you. What's your sleep number?

CAM AKERS: Ugh, I sleep at 45.

JARED QUAY: OK, yeah, I've [INAUDIBLE], but I don't really like to associate with too many people have sleep number under 50, so--


This is a little bit more on the serious side. You're from Clinton, Mississippi, which is really close to Jackson, Mississippi. And I know they're having a little bit of a water crisis situation. Do you know anybody's been affected by it?

CAM AKERS: Yeah, I know a few people that's been affected by it. And I actually got my parents like trying to give back to the people or cases of water,, whatever we can do to help because like you said, it's literally 5 minutes away from where I'm at. So just being a vessel, doing whatever I can do to help if I can.

JARED QUAY: I just want to say thank you for rushing today, and good luck defending the ship, man.

CAM AKERS: Appreciate that, man. I appreciate that, of course. I appreciate it y'all having me.

JARED QUAY: All right, I'm going to DM you after Miami wins this year just to be like you know, I don't want-- I told you so, but yeah.

CAM AKERS: Yeah, DM me if y'all lose, too.

JARED QUAY: All right, I'll keep that energy. Keep that energy.