The Rush: Butt punt, tablet memo, excessive thrusting all on display in wild NFL Week 3

Shenanigans were all the rage in Week 3 of the NFL season, as a memo was sent out to all 32 teams warning personnel to treat the Microsoft Surface tablets with respect after Tom Brady broke two in Week 2. The Bills vs. Dolphins game featured a butt fumble sequel (appropriately named the butt punt), awful clock management and an unhinged tantrum from offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey. Lions running back Jamaal Williams was flagged for a touchdown celebration right out of a Key & Peele sketch and Rihanna will headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show in what should be an epic event.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Week Three of the NFL was full of players and coaches behaving very badly.

- Naughty, naughty.

MINTY BETS: Let's start with Tom Brady, who was causing trouble back in Week Two. A memo was sent to all 32 teams reminding personnel to treat tablets with a little more respect. Because Brady broke not one, but two of them last week. And while Brady didn't break any tablets in Week Three, he and the Bucs couldn't pull off a comeback, falling to the Packers 14-12.

Perhaps the craziest game of the week was the Dolphins hosting the Bills. With under two minutes left in the game, Miami was forced to punt out of their own end zone, and it did not go well.

- This is risky. And it is blocked.

- Oh my goodness, blocked indeed!

MINTY BETS: Sure, it was blocked. By the personal protector's butt, making this a butt punt, And a spiritual successor to the butt fumble.

- Butts, butts, butts!

MINTY BETS: The Bills couldn't capitalize on the butt punt, and then failed to manage the clock, totally botching the final play of the game. The ugly 21-19 loss clearly offended Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, who lost his mind at the end of the game. If you're worried Ken might be a bit unhinged, this quote from a month ago won't make you feel any better.

KEN DORSEY: I'd like to think I'm not too much of a psychopath.

MINTY BETS: In a sketch right out of "Key and Peele," Lions running back Jamaal Williams was flagged for celebrating a little too hard after scoring a touchdown against the Vikings. And when I say it's right out of a "Key and Peele" sketch, I mean literally.

- He's-- oh.

- Oh, see, now there's two pumps.

- Yeah, he's really testing the boundaries. And he's clearly gotten the ref's attention here.

- A third pump will draw a flag, no matter what. See-- oh, and he just did it again!

MINTY BETS: Oof. That was a lot of bad behavior for one day. So let's leave you with a palate cleanser. Rihanna dropped a single tweet that left no doubt who will be headlining the Super Bowl Halftime show.


RIHANNA: (SINGING) Please don't stop the, please don't stop the, please don't stop the music.

MINTY BETS: Hell yes! I am hyped. You know the players are going to try to stay on the field during halftime, right?

- They well. They definitely will.

MINTY BETS: Do you think they're gonna make it rain inside the stadium when she does "Umbrella"? We might just get another power outage ala Beyonce if they do that. Hello? Can someone turn the lights back on?