The Rush: Bucs beat down Giants, Taysom Hill makes bank, OBJ bags Bitcoin

Rob Gronkowski returned and Mike Evans broke the Bucs all-time TD record in Tampa’s win over the Giants on MNF, Saints jack-of-all-trades Taysom Hill signed a unique extension where he’ll make a lot more money if he can become New Orleans full-time quarterback, Odell Beckham Jr. will receive the remainder of his 2021 salary from the Rams in bitcoin. The NFL is facing pressure from Congress after refusing to provide materials from their “investigation” into the workplace culture of the Washington Football Team, and we have the fallout from the Lakers - Piston kerfuffle as LeBron James will be suspended one game while Isaiah Stewart has been suspended for two.

Video Transcript

- Third down and 4. Gronk's in there. Brady going to run for it, right down the middle of the field, and he slides down. Tom showing off the wheels tonight.

JARED QUAY: Ho-hum, the Bucs won. I mean, they were playing the Giants. So it's really not a surprise.

- Giants only rushing three, all sorts of time. Touchdown, Tampa Bay, Mike Evans.

JARED QUAY: Eli Manning ain't walking through that door any time soon. So only Lord knows why the NFL made this match-up on Monday night. OK, on to some more interesting news. Saints jack of all trades Taysom Hill signed a contract extension worth anywhere from $40 to $95 million.

- How much?

JARED QUAY: I know, that's a big difference in potential earnings, but it all comes down to the position he plays the most at. He'll make some cheese if he becomes the starting quarterback for the next few seasons, but if he's still that swiss army knife, who knows. I wonder if he considered taking some of that salary in Bitcoin, because that's exactly what Odell Beckham Junior is doing.

The Rams wideout is taking the rest of his 2021 salary in a cryptocurrency, and I personally think it's a great idea. What's better than living in LA with liquid capital? Living in LA with a bunch of Bitcoin, and OBJ knows that. That's why his hair is gray, not because of a fashion trend, because he's a wise man. And I wish the league would do the same and have the foresight of Odell.

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that members of the US House Oversight and Reform Committee are unhappy with the NFL for failing to turn over materials related to the league's investigation into the Washington Football team's workplace culture.

You know, the one that cost Jon Gruden his job as the Raiders head coach, but as of yet has produced nothing to do with the actual football team in Washington. It gets really sticky when you consider the committee could issue hearings, even subpoenas if there's enough support in Congress.

- Uh, oh.

JARED QUAY: So yeah, the NFL could be going the same way as Roger Stone and Alex Jones.

- That's not a great look.

JARED QUAY: Finally, we'll leave you with the fallout of the mini malice in the palace that took place in Detroit between the Lakers and Pistons.

- Jerami Grant. Uh, oh. Uh, oh. Stewart and LeBron.

- And he's still trying to get loose.

- He is knocking over.

JARED QUAY: LeBron James will be suspended for one game, while Isaiah Stewart will be suspended for two, and we could be in for quite an awkward reunion in the next few days as the two teams square off in LA with both guys available to play. I personally would love to see LeBron and Isaiah get into a celebrity undercard fight.

Actually, they wouldn't be undercard. Jake Paul was fighting before them. He ain't that famous. If LeBron fighting, I don't care if it's Tyson Fury versus Anthony Joshua, you're fighting before LeBron fight. I mean, Isaiah Stewart probably would just be taking a check at this point. He would get knocked out, probably in round three for like $200 million, and everybody would be happy.