The Rush: Bucs 100% vaccinated, Carson Wentz still unsure about COVID-19 jab

The Big 12 is in talks with four schools as they look to expand after losing Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, Pittsburgh’s head coach position will have a new title after a massive $20M donation from an alumnus, Bruce Arians said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 100% vaccinated against COVID-19, and Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz is still weighing the ‘pros and cons’ of getting the jab after coming off the COVID-19 list.

Video Transcript

- First and goal. Gabriel to keep, [? going ?] to the end zone, and it's picked off. Tyric LeBeauf read it perfectly, has a convoy, and look at LeBeauf. He's going to take this thing 100 yards for the touchdown.

JARED QUAY: College football is back, baby, like really back. And as we start getting to the swing of things, let's remember the whole college football landscape is in chaos right now. The Big 12 sits at eight teams after losing Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC starting in 2025. But the conference is looking at BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF, which would finally put the Big 12 back at 12 teams. By the way, Big 12 hasn't been at 12 teams since 2010. 2010? Yo, call me crazy, but 11 years is a long time to be running around with the wrong name.

- Too long.

JARED QUAY: Speaking of the wrong name, Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi will no longer be head coach of Pittsburgh. No, he didn't get fired, promoted, or demoted, and he didn't retire. He'll no longer be head coach, because the name of the position will now be called the Chris Bickell '97 head football coach.

- Huh?

JARED QUAY: Pittsburgh received a $20 million donation from Chris Bickell, who graduated in the class of '97 from Pittsburgh. And to recognize the largest donation in school history, Pat Narduzzi will take on the new title. He won't see any changes in his paycheck, though. Yo, Chris Bickell gotta be [? huge. ?] '97, that gotta be like Bitcoin money. He must got Dogecoin.

From college football to pro football, the NFL has had its hands full with COVID. Kind of like the rest of us. On the good news front, head coach Bruce Arians says the Buccaneers are 100% vaccinated. That includes players, coaches, and staff.

- Yes! Yes.

JARED QUAY: They're the second team to achieve 100% vaccination status after the Falcons, and no word how Bruce Arians managed to convince Tom Brady to get the jab. Though I have a feeling Gisele was highly involved. On the flip side, one team that probably will never achieve 100% is the Indianapolis Colts.

- OK, but why though?

JARED QUAY: Because quarterback Carson Wentz is still unsure about getting the vaccine. He just returned from the COVID-19 list and spoke with reporters on Thursday. He said it's a fluid process, and he's weighing the pros and cons. That may be, Carson, but your GM and head coach really want you to get vaccinated. Imagine if this happens during the regular season, and the coach will be without their starting quarterback for at least a game. I don't know, but for a guy who's known for missing a lot of games already, probably can't afford to be missing any more time. Just a thought. Maybe he's high risk. I mean, that guy gets hurt any time a defensive player blows at him, so maybe the jab might break his arm. He's fragile.