The Rush: Bucks don’t miss a beat after receiving Rings, unveiling banner, and defeating Nets

The NBA is back! Opening Day saw the Milwaukee Bucks celebrate last year’s championship and then take out the Brooklyn Nets, 127-104, while the second Tip-Off game saw the Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Lakers, 121-114. Elsewhere in the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers have suspended Ben Simmons for their first game against the New Orleans Pelicans after head coach Doc Rivers threw Simmons out of practice. Over in MLB, the Houston Astros evened the ALCS with the Boston Red Sox after a 9-2 Game 4 win, and the Los Angeles Dodgers got a much needed 6-5 Game 3 win to get their series with the Braves to 2-1.

Video Transcript

- 4, 3, 2, 1 there she is.


- Guess what's back, baby?

- What, what, what?

- The NBA is back, that's what.

- Yes, yes, yes.

- The regular season tipped off yesterday with a double feature showcasing some of the best. The Milwaukee Bucks picked up right where they left off.

- Ooh, a touchdown pass.

- Grabbing a 127-104 victory over Kevin Durant in the Nets. Of course, they got to unveil a banner, receive some championship jewelry, so I'm pretty sure they were juiced up. The second tipoff game saw the Warriors beat the geriatric Lakers 121-114 with, you guessed it, a lot of ball movement.

- A triple right there, they're 14 tonight.

- Yeah, the Lakers are out on paper but my man LeBron James still got some spring to his step that they shouldn't be worried.

- Oooh.


- And Russell Westbrook's debut as a Laker it was a surprising Steph Curry that got a triple double, his eighth of his career.

- And a three by Curry.

- That wasn't the only NBA action yesterday though. The 76ers have suspended Ben Simmons from Philly's opening game against the Pelicans.

- Oh for crying out loud.

- Simmons has been showing up to practice despite winning out like yesterday and clearly he's been phoning it in. Coach Doc Rivers threw Simmons out of practice before the suspension news broke, though it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the cause of the suspension. It's getting real tense over there in Philly, even Joel Embiid is fed up.

JOEL EMBIID: At this point I don't care about that man honestly, he does whatever he wants.

- Hopefully Simmons gets moved for everyone's sanity, especially in the city of brotherly love. Over to the diamond. The LA Dodgers came back from the dead against the Braves to steal a six, five game three victory.

- Hello!

- Down five, two in the eighth, Cody Bellinger continued his hot playoff hitting.

- Cody Bellinger strikes again.

- And then Mr. Mookie Betts did Mookie Betts things to grab the lead.

- Tailor scores. That's on his way to second, and the Dodgers have the lead in the eighth

- And ultimately the W. It was a much needed win and keeps the Dodgers repeat championship hopes alive and moves the series to two and one. Over in the American League, the Astros tied up their series with the Red Sox Thanks to a seventh run ninth inning. Most of the damage came here.

- That's a line drive to right center field, is going to get down and go to the wall and clear the bases. Three more runs are going to score for the Astros.

- Wow, this American League cheater series is really heating up. Who's going to steal this one? You see what I did there? You know, he stole the victory like they were stealing signs.