The Rush: Browns move Baker Mayfield, Aaron Rodgers sports cryptic ink

The Cleveland Browns traded the 2018 NFL Draft’s No.1 overall pick Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for a 5th-round draft pick in 2024. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers adds more intrigue to his image with a mysterious new tattoo and Rafael Nadal’s incredible comeback sets the table for a semifinal showdown against Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon.

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: Our long national nightmare has finally come to an end.

- Oh, yeah? Which one?

JARED QUAY: Baker Mayfield has been traded, y'all. Ooh!

- Good for him.

JARED QUAY: Months after the Cleveland Browns emptied the bank to make Deshaun Watson their starting quarterback, they finally booted Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers, eating $10.5 million of his salary and getting a measly fifth round draft pick in return.

- Who negotiated that deal?

JARED QUAY: I mean, they basically paid him to not pay him. A team desperate to avoid the awkwardness of having your ex and your current boo on the same roster.

- Awkward.

JARED QUAY: And you know what else is going to be awkward? Deshaun Watson likely serving a lengthy suspension this season and Jacoby Brissett being the only quarterback on the Browns roster.

- Yikes.

JARED QUAY: Should be extra fun week one of the 2022 season when, you guessed it, the Browns play the Panthers in Carolina. The NFL got more drama than the "Real Housewives", and I'm here for it.

- You know what I call that?

- What?

- Rude.

JARED QUAY: Perhaps the biggest NFL drama queen of all is Aaron Rodgers.

- That's actually called disinformation when you perpetuate false information of that individual.

JARED QUAY: You can't not prove Rodgers ain't no drama queen and that's for damn sure. Anyways, the Packers quarterback got some ink on his arm and it's simply a lot. Rodgers posted on Instagram about how meaningful each part of the tattoo is and that perhaps he'll share the details one day. One thing I do know is that some "Da Vinci Code", beautiful mind, Kyrie Irving fever dreams right there. I wonder if those symbols can prevent COVID.

[INAUDIBLE] help build endurance as Rodgers enters his 18th NFL season. Speaking of endurance, football is a tough ass sport, no doubt. But a four hour tennis match in Wimbledon is next level.

- It's good. Rafael Nadal has taken this match to a fifth set.

JARED QUAY: Rafael Nadal overcame injuries in a 2 to 1 set deficit to beat the American Taylor Fritz in a five set thriller. Nadal is set to face Nick Kyrgios in the semi-finals on Friday, but Rafa is unsure if he'll play due to injury. Rafa fought through an injury against Fritz. I'd be shocked if his ego let him pass on the chance to face the controversial Kyrgios.

Kyrgios and Rafa are two of the biggest drama queens on the tennis court, and the world deserves to watch that mess go down at the stuffy All England Club. That match starts at 5:00 AM Pacific time, and I'm going to set my alarm to watch.

OK, real talk. I can't wake up that early, all right? Just ask the airlines. It's extremely hard to wake up at 5:00 when you stay up till 2:00 AM, all right?