The Rush: Beware of shady s**t in the baseball playoffs

The Red Sox are on the precipice. In the first inning of their ALCS game against the Astros, the umpires ruled that fans in the right field seats interfered with outfielder Mookie Betts while he tried to field a fly ball off the bat of Jose Altuve. Upon further review, the call stood and what appeared to be a home run, or at least a ground rule double, turned into an out. The Sox went on to win a back and forth game and are now one win from returning to the World Series for the fourth time in fourteen years.

In the NLCS, Mannywood 2 has stolen the show. He walked and scored a run in the the Dodgers 5-2 victory over Milwaukee in Game 5. But the baseball world was still fixated on his actions in game 4 when he appeared to intentionally kick Brewers first baseman Jesus Aguilar while running through first base. MLB fined Machado, but the bigger financial hit may occur this winter as clubs interested in signing the 25 year old superstar to an exorbitant contract may potentially be put off by his questionable actions.

It was a landmark day for eyesores. First, the Miami Marlins announced that the much-maligned home run statue in centerfield was being removed. When Derek Jeter took control of the team, it was rumored that removing the statue was at the top of his to-do list. Then, Lonzo Ball dropped his new sneakers, the BBB ‘Zo2.19. It received some blowback on social media for its “eclectic” color scheme. Watch today’s episode of The Rush in the player above to judge for yourself.