The Rush: Bears lose badly, Raiders win a thriller as COVID rages through sports

The Monday Night Football doubleheader yielded a Raiders win as time expired in Cleveland, a brutal Bears home loss to the Vikings and the NFL taking heat for its employees allegedly skipping the line at a COVID testing site in Manhattan. Plus, insult is added to injury for the Tampa Bay Bucs as Tom Brady gets trash talked and Antonio Brown gets roasted on Twitter.

Video Transcript

- From the Chicago 13 on third and 5, Cousins throwing for Jefferson, got it! Touchdown Vikings! And here comes the dance.


JARED QUAY: We were treated to a double dose of football on Monday night with the Vikings beating the Bears.

- [INAUDIBLE] [? two ?] Cousins throwing and it's caught, wide open, touchdown!

JARED QUAY: And the Raiders crushing the Browns fans with double zeros on the clock.

- This one counts! And the Raiders have won it! Browns just can't buy a win. The double-game action was a result of COVID, which is spreading like wildfire through the league. In another league, a group of NFL employees was outed by the Gothamist for cutting the line at a COVID testing center in Manhattan on Monday.

- You're [BLEEP] kidding me.

JARED QUAY: Oh, I never kid with you, Tony Soprano. A league official told the Gothamist that the NFL partnered with that testing facility. And, yes, video-replay officials from Monday night's doubleheader received priority testing while everybody else waited outside in freezing-cold temperatures.

- The truth hurts.

JARED QUAY: Sure does. And you know who else is hurt right now? The Buccaneers. The Saints win in Tampa on Sunday is still being felt by the Bucs. First, there was the injury. Mike Evans and Leonard Fournette got banged up, while Chris Godwin and Patrick O'Connor suffered season-ending knee injuries.

- Yikes.


- Here come the insult.

JARED QUAY: --not only did New Orleans defensive back CJ Gardner-Johnson mean mug the hell out of Tom Brady after his late-game pick sealed the win for the Saints, but the next morning, he got on Twitter and trolled the [BLEEP] out of the GOAT for his angry sideline tablet toss. Then again, Tom Brady became the first ever 15-time Pro-Bowl player yesterday.

So I guess it ain't all bad for TB12. But wait, there's more. Remember when the Bucs signed Antonio Brown last year and head coach Bruce Arians said, quote, "He screws up one time, he's gone." Apparently, that message was all bark, no bite. Because Arians allowed the wideout to rejoin the team Monday after he served a three-game suspension for faking a COVID vaccination card.

Legal notice, buying, selling, or creating a counterfeit document with the CDC seal on it is a felony under federal law, which can land you up in the joint for up to five years. So I can't advise you to do that. This legal notice was brought to you by the law offices of Quay, Quay, Quay, and Lieberman. After serving his time in the NFL jail, Tony came out swinging on Twitter only to be KO'd by ProFootball Talk.

- [LAUGHS] Zing, ba boom.

JARED QUAY: That's some Jake-Paul level knockout right there. Woo, hoo. Whoever running that [INAUDIBLE] account got no chill. And, you know, AB, you wild as hell.