The Rush: Avalanche win Stanley Cup, put Lightning dynasty on ice

The Colorado Avalanche finished off a dominant postseason run in which they only lost four games total en route to winning the Stanley Cup, stopping the Tampa Bay Lightning dynasty in its tracks. In baseball, Ole Miss won their first ever College World Series after beating Oklahoma while the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels had a good ole’ fashioned brawl.

Video Transcript


- I'll take [INAUDIBLE] for a ride. Best trip.



JARED QUAY: The Tampa Bay Lightning came into game six against the Colorado Avalanche trying to force a game seven to keep their dreams of a dynasty alive. And they started strong, too, scoring the first goal.

- And they score!


The captain, Steven Stamkos.

JARED QUAY: But the Avalanche came storming back, tying it up in the second period. And then--

- So MacKinnon bouncing puck, and a goal! [INAUDIBLE] whack it in.

JARED QUAY: Maybe winning the last two Stanley Cups takes a toll because the Lightning looked gassed as hell in the third period. They simply had nothing left in the tank. Congrats to the Avalanche on winning their third Stanley Cup in franchise history. Now go enjoy your time in Florida, and hit up those adult clubs. I hear that's the thing to do in Tampa, win or lose.

- It's great because everyone wins, you know?

JARED QUAY: In the College World Series, Ole Miss beat Oklahoma to win its first-ever title, and that's pretty cool. Meanwhile, over in the pro game, MLB might be struggling with viewership, but there is a surefire way to get those numbers up.

- And he has pitched out of the pen in Salt Lake.

- Abd he just hit Winker, Erica, with the first pitch. Scott Service is calling for him to be thrown out of the game.


And Winker is trying to Jet towards Phil Nevin.


JARED QUAY: And from there, it just kept getting better.


I mean, worse.

- [INAUDIBLE]. We have chaos.


JARED QUAY: Sure, Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz plunking Mariners' right-fielder, Jesse Winker, isn't a very angelic thing to do. But to start an all-out brawl over it--

- Come on, guys, will you? It's only a game.


JARED QUAY: Things got so intense, Angels third baseman, Anthony Rendon, got into the action, and he's got a broken hand. And Angels pitcher, Raisel Iglesias, said, enough is enough, and took out his frustration on an innocent tray of sunflower seeds. Those sunflower seeds did not deserve it.

Yep, if baseball wants to increase its viewership, having grown men throw temper tantrums and punches is one way to do it. But MLB has a reputation to uphold. So the brawl led to eight ejections, including both managers, which I didn't know, but includes babysitting man children as part of their job description. But let's be honest, this is what we wanted to see. We want the MLB to merge with the UFC, all right, because both those franchises may fail on their own, but together, we got something special.